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  1. I am not sure if this is the place to do it or not, but I would like to get to know other Roadtrek owners and maybe form a group within FMCA. I am currently a member of Roadtek International and this certainly in not an intent to overshadow this group. I noticed that there are other RV manufacturer groups and just thought it might be fun to organize a Roadtrek group within FMCA. My wife and I would like to get to know other Roadtrek owners, as well as other Class B owners so we can share things and our travels together. This is just a thought. Hope to hear from other Roadtrek owners about this idea. Take care and happy RV'ing. Skip & Nancy Post (2Drifters) Fox Island, WA Email: 2drifters@trekdrifters.com Blog: http://trekdrifters.blogspot.com
  2. 2drifters@trekdrifters.com

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    These are pictures of TREK, our new land yacht.
  3. I am somewhat confused as to what my next step should be regarding our entertainment system. We currently have a 19' Samsung LCD TV with a analog tuner. There is also a surround sound system in our rig. We did get a converter box, but it does not seem to be working. I followed the hook up directions sent with the converter box. I am considering purchasing a 22' LCD HDTV with a built-in digital tuner. I currently have a Winegard crank up antenna and someday, when I get the money, hope to purchase a DirectTV satellite dish. Am I heading in the right direction? I would appreicate any advice that you care to share with me - thank you!
  4. We are new to RV'ing and would like to meet and share with other Class B RV'ers. We have a 23' Roadtrek and are planning our second big trip this comng May. We plan to travel through ID, MT, WY, SD, ND, and into the Alberta/British Columbia areas. We would love to hear your advice and travel experiences. You can visit our Trek Drifters Blog to see what we have been up too!
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