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  1. Friends of ours have a 2004 Georgie Boy 36 ft. Pursuit. Recently both of their slideouts were stuck in the "out" position. There is power to the switches. Is there some form of safety that prevents the slideouts from moving? (Our 2000 Pace Arrow requires the emergency brake to be on before the slideouts will work.) It seems odd that both slideouts would be stuck at the same time.
  2. My 2000 Pace Arrow developed a gas leak at the flexible hose connector between the gas tank and the filler cap. The replacement fuel flex line is very tight and difficult to push onto the gas tank filler neck. Is there any issue with using hot water to make the flex hose more pliable or does that compromise the integrity of the hose? Would it be OK to use a lubricant (either something special or maybe simply Vaseline)? Or is it just a matter of twisting and pushing until it works? It's getting cold up here and the hose is getting stiffer as we speak. Jurgen & Marilyn R Hamm FMCA member F375201 Virgil, Ontario Canada
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