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  1. Wolfe10, 99.9% of the time we do not dry camp and have the generator if we ever do and I am making sure the inverter is a pure sine wave, so I have gotten the electrical part figured out but trying to find out if one will fit is the issue and what brand anyone might know will handle the "jostling" in the MH.
  2. We are new to Motorhomes (1 year this month). Had 5th Wheels and had Norcold frig in them with no problem but lots with the 1210. We are looking into replacing the Norcold with a residential but don't know what will work and I have heard of some brands that will work in the cutout space used with the Norcold. Does anyone have a brand or type that they have replaced the 1210 with? We have a 2008 Damon Essence (bought used last year with 9,000 miles so we did well with that) and not happy with the Norcold and could use help, advice,etc. from anyone who has gone through this. I have looked through the forum and it is great!! Appreciate any help we can get.
  3. We are new members to the FMCA and just bought our first MH (08 Damon Essence 40A) after being 5th wheelers. Have a question for all of y'all if you can help. Can I change out my Norcold and replace it with residential refer? If so what should we look for and what are the pros and cons any of you might know? Looking forward to the easier setting up, tearing down, and just being able to see a lot more. Thanks to you all for your help.
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