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  1. HELP! Need advise and comments regarding major electrical damage do to Power Surge. We were in Mobile, Alabama during Hurricane Lee. The RV park power was hit by lightning and we had a MAJOR power surge melting our 50amp power line and burning the 12VDC and 110 VAC wiring in the coach--2007 Pace Arrow--as well as "doing in" all the electrical appliances and controls. The insurance company is stalling on what is will cover and what it will not. The RV dealer service department tells me, and the insurance company that it needs to "tear apart" the interior of the coach to determine what wires are damaged and what need to be replaced. The coach has been in the shop for a month now and I getting frustrated at the process and being told something new or different each time I talk to the service rep and/or the insurance agent. Has anyone had this or a similar experience and can give me some insight. Thanks, Roger Allen
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