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  1. Our fridge is in a slideout and the height is less than the standard 69 inches for a residential refrigerator. Has anyone been able to make that work in their slideouts?
  2. Has anyone with their fridge in their slideout changed their fridge out to a residential fridge? I have seen people with the fridges not in a slide out do it but I think the height of the opening in the slide out will be too small for a standard sized residential fridge but I would really like to get it changed out. It is too hard to keep the Norcold cold in Southern CA and AZ in the summer heat. We have a 2005 Fleetwood Expedition 38N
  3. We are trying to replace our analog tv with the new ones also. We have a 2005 fleetwood Expedition and are trying to figure out how to run the new HDMI cables from the front cabinet up above the front windshield down and to the back also. We cannot find anyway to run the cables with the front windshield there. Any suggestions?
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