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  1. I have a 2004 Tiffin Allegro Bus and the TV Cable running from the antenna into the Wingard distribution center needs to be replaced. I have tried pulling it out from the roof but it seems to be connected somewhere in the roof. Has anybody replaced their cable and could provide some guidance on what to do. Or, if you had this done by an experience service person please provide details who and where. I have tested the cable from the aerial to the roof all is fine. I have then put a long cable from roof to inside MH Wingard distribution center and now the TV is receiving channels. Thanks
  2. We went to Pigeon forge and there are a lot of restaurants with great ribs. The only think we found out is this is a dry county, however a short drive you are able to buy beverages.
  3. Hi Well we are finally going fulltiming starting Dec. 1, 2012. We are from Canada, have some coverage for out of province for 30 days. We are 60 and 59 years young, no health issues. I would like to know what coverage is out there for the Canadians from Ontario for the Snowbirds. thanks Linda FMCA #F423688
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