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  1. I know this sounds obvious, but have you given the tank a real good flushing. I am fortunate and have a spray inside both tanks so can give a real rinse out fill with fresh water dump and spray again. I see that my amber light comes on prematurely or indeed I have no green if I do not flush through every time I dump? Michael 2008 CC Allure
  2. For those who responded to my various posts on this section and others I am pleased to report a finite solution.... I hope says he tempting fate! After replacing, Hi off Lo switch, relay, removing brakeswitch.com box, replacing some battery connections, harness inside rocker box for brake control, I finally homed in on the throttles sensor at the accelerator pedal. Lucky breaks pointed me at it or the harness. After much thought and feedback from the sensor manufacturer I replaced the sensor and had a harness on standby. A 40 mile test proved positive but I still really wanted a 100 mile plus trip without issue. BUT, I built a good rapport with the UK distributor of these sensors and he agreed to put the old unit to a severe test. Well he telephoned this morning, the sensor was shot! The idle switch was failing or failed and there were other symptoms developing like a flat spot in the acceleration curve. So it was about to totally die! I feel more confident with my opening gambit... Maybe? Michael 2008 Allure 31683 ISL 425
  3. Well, I thought I had cracked the engine brake issue I reported on with the replacement of a relay. That turned out to be a fluke it was not the fix the engine brake failed after 38 miles. I had a dual fix, sort of, when I replaced the relay; I had also been grubbing around under the dash and had seen that the harness to the accelerator pedal was taut at full forward pedal slide extension. (Towards the driver) I tried to correct that and also checked the plug and wires for any problems. So the coach went in for its annual service and the engine brake was fine. The mechanic took her to the local government test station (over here in the UK after a vehicle is 3 years old it has an annual test) and did 20 miles each way without an issue on the engine brake. I collected her and was nearly home and the engine brake stopped working!!!!!! I drove straight back to the garage. They looked at the accelerator connections and declared them OK. Various other checks revealed a Cummins service bulletin on Engine Brake wiring in the rocker box. A replacement harness and special clips were available for a solution to possible chaffing causing an intermittent fault. Well we all thought that was it. I picked her up yesterday and once again was nearly home, and sitting at some lights, thought that the pedal slide was too close so moved it to suit me. Turned down the hill and the engine brake was not working!!! I stopped and fiddled with the plug and wires to the accelerator. The engine brake returned!! So it must be in this plug/wiring or switch. What I find difficult is that I have no issues with the throttle itself so which of the 6 wires has an effect on the engine brake? Anyone have any thoughts or help here? Michael 2008 CC Allure Cummins ISL 425
  4. SOLVED, I hope! As previously mentioned I found a relay in the front drivers bay, which was labeled on the inside of the lid as "engine brake load relay". This relay is not described on any of my schematics, especially the page relating to the engine brake!! Although it is mentioned in the wiring list relative to about 5 or 6 wires. I was able to test the replacement this morning and did well over the 20-30 miles which would have previously seen the engine brake fail, and it continued to work fine. Not only that but I am now able to feel the difference between Hi and Lo which frankly have have been unable to determine in the 18 month I have owned the coach! So what was causing this relay to give up after a period in use or indeed what its function is specifically I have not a clue. But I hope this post will provide some insite (no pun intended on Cummins software) for anyone with a similar scenario. Michael 2008 Allure 31683
  5. MichaelS

    Echo Chargers

    Some charger/inverters have a secondary low amperage output for engine batteries, like my Victron for example. However I do not use it but have a Blue Seas combiner. This does 2 things, charges the engine batteries when the chassis batteries are being charged, and as it is set for reverse operation as well it uses the alternator charge to the engine battery to charge the chassis battery when traveling. Michael
  6. Rich, Yes I do have a range switch, Hi, off, Lo. I am now at the end of my capabilities, i have changed the "Engine Brake Load" relay but will not be able to test this until Thursday when I take the coach in for a service, and get them to find the problem if the relay has not fixed it! Thanks for your input; the garage have her for 10 days or so whilst I go skiing so I will report back later in the month! Michael
  7. Rich, Thanks, the coach is a Country Coach Allure, Sunset Bay, 2008, with Cummins ISL 425. I am not sure if it has a mechanical side to the engine brake I will check it out today. Michael
  8. Rich, I have no codes in the ECM other than this which I debated on the Silverleaf forum:- Hi Michael, Relays can act up, but if the problem is time related, you mentioned needing to drive 20 miles or so makes it highly unlikely. Many of the relays used in the buss electrical box are the same number, you might try to switch 2 of them around. The fact that the problem comes and goes, is related to driving time, sounds to me like a intermittent component or a cold solder connection. There are other electrical components that can become temperature sensitive also. There could be a code set in the ECM, but some of them are low level codes meaning the problem the code represent a low level problem and does not directly involve engine performance. You could have the ECM run on scanner to see if there are any codes stored. Question-Its a little off form your issue, but are there any other intermittent issues, like strange gauge readings accruing at all no mater how unrelated they might appear. Hope the weather has not been as bad lately, in the country of some of my four fathers. Rich. Cummins Technicians are often only able to locate the Cummins Engine Codes, not the SAE Engine Codes which their ECM also generates. SAE Codes are the Codes that the SilverLeaf Products read... Conferring with Cummins "Experts", the SAE Code "251-2-1" is Cummins Code: 319 - Maintenance : Real Time Clock Power Interrupt - Data Erratic, Intermittent, or Incorrect. I understand this is a transient code, but could it be an issue with my engine brake? The only strange issue is that I have on 2 occassions had my HWH LCD screen go off, (I have the full active air system with large disply) the system is still working but I have to do a HWH reset to get it back up. I have 2 new relays in the mail to me (exact same ones) so I will wait for them to arrive and do a test. This relay is labeled in the bussman box as "Engine Brake Load Relay" I have tested it and it does seem fine, but I do not know about in use as I have only just found this relay and have not been out for a spin to get a failure then pull it and read it. So if any of this ramble gives a clue I look forward to hearing. By the way, if it were an ECM problem would it be reasonable to say that there would be a fault code specific to the engine brake? And its absence suggests an OEM issue? Regards Michael 2008 Allure
  9. The saga of my intermittent Engine Brake continues. I have replaced the OEM switch that CC install for Hi-Off-Lo at the dash, I have checked out all the connections in the bay under the driver and have isolated the Brakeswitch.com box out of the circuit, but no solution so far; except I now have a definitive repeatable time/distance frame. I know I can drive about 20 miles or so and then the engine brake starts to become intermittent for a couple of times then ceases completely (in either Lo or Hi setting). It does not resume after engine restart except after an undetermined period of the engine being off. After it fails the light at the OEM switch continues to work when the accelerator is released and Hi or Lo are selected, suggesting that the problem is after the switch. I have now found a relay in the mix, in the drivers bay, it is a 301-1C-S-R1 12vdc, a simple plug and play black unit, it is in one of the Bussman fuse boxes along with other relays. I have ordered a replacement. One of my issues is that to test any change requires an hour or so round trip to confirm. I have been unable to find any advice to confirm that a relay could fail in this way; i.e. work for a short period then get stuck, maybe due to heat or whatever which clears itself after cooling down. I do not know how to test the original relay to confirm if it is the cause. Anyone have any clues or experience with relay failure? Michael 2008 CC Allure
  10. Just picked up on this thread. Interestingly this engine in its original guise in the marine world, 3196, was the subject of a class action in the US in the 90's on into the millennium, which also covered the C12. The problem then was with the aftercooler, allegedly, but there were many reported catastrophic failures involving complete rebuilds. Something weird happened, the action suddenly died and the guy who started it went silent! I think there is more to this engine than meets the eye, but I doubt CAT will ever admit to it with thousands upon thousands out there! Michael Slater 2008 CC Allure, with ISL 425 (2 3196's in my boat both subject to rebuild under warranty!)
  11. Slightly obtuse response: We have one of these Advantiums in our new to us 08 Country Coach. It is missing the metal cooking tray. The previous owner says he does not remember ever having one but the instruction manual refers to using this for many tasks. As you are both experts in the use of these units can you advise if the metal tray is anything special or can we use any cooking tray? Thanks in anticipation Michael Slater Falmouth UK
  12. Jim, When you say it was a WoW difference can you expand in a bit of detail please? Michael 08 Allure
  13. Interesting thread this, how does the arithmetic change with the addition of a Tag. Do you do the calculation using the Tag as the rear axle or the duals in front of it? Does the % weight spread change with a Tag. Is there a length of coach under which a Tag is not beneficial. Look forward to the replies! Michael Slater 2008 Allure Sunset Bay
  14. My remote panel is flashing 15.5 dc, and not charging, fault light also iluminated, this according to the manual is High battery and the manual says to review other charging sources, there are none. I cycled the shorepower and the unit came back OK char, but will check again today. I did notice that the day or so before that the voltage on another monitor was reading 14.7 to 15 on the house batteries? Odd I thought but as the coach is new to me and I have no experience of the Xantrex units I assumed a cyclical absorption state, although the remote did not display that status. I am wondering if the unit went into equalize for some reason, and held it causing this status. I have found several references on forums to the situation but som solutions. Any help appreciated. Michael Slater 08 CC Allure, Sunset Bay
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