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  1. Last year was our first rally and it was well worth it. The seminars are very useful and the entertainment was clean and good. There was very little information available before we arrived. You should get a packet in the mail with what you need to enter and then when you arrive you will get the full packet. Hope that helps and hope you will attend. Mike
  2. Thanks everyone for the replys and opinions. The TV is a new one and works fine with the modified sine wave so I will use what I have and move the refrigerator to the inverter panel. Mike
  3. Thanks for the replys. This is a 2000 Mountain Air DP with a 2500 watt Xantrex Freedom 458 inverter/charger and 4 house batteries and a Power Switch ATS. The new refrigerator will be a no frills Frigidaire 10 CU/FT without an icemaker.
  4. I want to install a residental refrigerator and a second inverter. I want the refrigerator to switch from inverter to shore or generator power when available. What is the correct way to do this? Thanks Mike
  5. mlr1951

    Gear Rally

    We attended our first rally in York Pa and it was well worth it. Being new to RVing we have a lot to learn and the seminars were very educational and the entertainment was great. Thank You FMCA. Mike
  6. mlr1951

    GEAR Rally

    Thanks EaglesNest. We decided to sign up and check it out. We live in York County so this is probably the closest rally we will ever have the opportunity to attend. Mike
  7. mlr1951

    GEAR Rally

    Well said EaglesNest. I'd like to know what's going on before I take off work for several days. We are new to this and would like to attend as many seminars as possible so it would be great to know what they are going to be about so we can plan which ones we want to sign up for if we decide to attend. Someone must have some idea what and who is going to be there. Thanks Mike
  8. mlr1951

    GEAR Rally

    Is there or will there be a schedule of events and a list of commercial exhibitors available before the rally? This will be our first rally if we decide to attend. Thanks Mike
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