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  1. Could be thermister. Thermister is fairly inexpensive and easily replaced.
  2. Your problem can be differential oil. I had this problem with my 99 Windsor. Made six trips to Monaco and Cummins and they always worked on engine blow by tube. Since no one could correct problem it became necessary that I would have to find problem myself. I crawled under coach and determined that oil was comming from the differential vent tube. Upon my inspection of the vent tube I determined that the vent tube was improperly installed. The vent tube was installed in such a manner that a drip loop was formed (similar to plumbing p-trap). This allowed oil to collect in the trap and when pressure built up in the differential this trapped oil would burp out and blow under motor home and then deposited onto dingy. My proper positing of the vent tube corrected this problem. After correcting the problem, this also solved the problem of having to top off differential each time coach was serviced. I have now owned this coach for 13 years and have never had to top off differential since correcting problem and dingy has not been oiled since. Coach has 80K miles.
  3. Added airtabs to my 99 Windsor approx 2 years ago. It is unreal how the handling has been improved. When a large boxed vehicle (such as 18 wheeler) overtakes me I no longer know the vehicle is near unless I see it. Prior to installing the Airtabs, when the large vehicle approached the rear of my vehicle the air turbulence pushed my vehicle to the opposite of the approaching vehicle, and as the vehicle passed me it then sucked my vehicle in the opposite direction back towards the passing vehicle. I no longer dread driving in multilane traffic. I arrive at my destination much less fatigued and more relaxed. I suggest when applying Airtabs that you also apply these across the top of your coach.
  4. Some coaches including mine are equipped with factory disconnect switches. Mine has a disconnect switch, one for the chassis battery and one for the house batteries. When I store the coach I turn switches to off. My coach also has a solar charger which will still maintain batteries, even when disconnect switches are off. I suspect some of you might have this arrangement and if so you only need to turn off these switches.
  5. If my memory serves me correctly you will find this sensor screwed into the thermostat housing. I think the thermostat housing is attached to the cylinder head on the back side of the engine (the side where the water pump and belt is located). Also here is part number if you have one of these generator models, HDKAH/J/K/V/TU. Part number 193-0318. It will be necessary to remove the top cover from the generator in order to gain access to the sensor.
  6. Had this problem. Could be a defective coolant sensor. Not an expensive item if you are capable of performing repairs.
  7. Had this problem. Sounds like parts of the stator has come unglued from the generator housing. This problem usually destroys the rotor also. Hope you have a maintenance insurance plan, this is major expense.
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