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  1. We recently changed our TV Receivers to the DirectTV Genie System in our house and it has performed flawlessly. You may have a bug In the factory installed Antenna system (wiring, antenna, receiver, etc) causing the problem. Seemingly, just changing your DirectTV Receiver to a Genie would not correct the situation. Do you have yet another Receiver available to replace the one currently installed in your RV? You may want to go there first to eliminate that possibility. Sorry we could not be more help.
  2. Stay away from The Highest Road in the World and the settlement named Chicken Alaska. There are only two roads to and from that small town; both are gravel and you will not believe how fast those tractor-trailers rigs are traveling and they do not slow down at all. There is nothing worthwhile to see when you arrive. Our 2012 Caravan of 2.5 months from start to finish was approximately 5k miles towing the toad all the way. As a minimum we suggest a Fiberglass Shield affixed to your tow bar to protect your toad and some type of padded cover across the front of the windshield. We had neither on our Unit. As a result of not being told in plain language to install protective devices, our 2008 Limited Ford Edge sustained damage that cost $11,140.00 to repair. Headlights, grille, driving lights, hood, windshield, front lower fairings, etc.,all had to be replaced. The Edge received a complete paint job, excluding the trunk lid. The Border Crossing inspection into Canada from the U.S. and back was very thorough. No firearms. Loved it all, especially the Eagles, scenery, wild animals and the cool weather. Stay on the Alcan Highway and watch for the Frost breaks or the front wheels of your coach may go "airborne". "Many Stripes"
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    Directv DVR

    We have a KVH Dome mounted on our MH installed in 2005. It has the standard antenna that will not receive HD. My winter neighbor (also a MH) recently had Camping World install an open face auto crank up and satellite finder disc that receives both HD and digital signals at a cost of approximately $2500. They love it. We leave our HD Receiver at the house in Kansas as it Is not functional with the RV dome antenna. You may want to check with your RV dealer or Antenna Operators Manual to determine which type antenna you do have on the roof. Good luck and happy Fulltiming. Bob
  4. Title: Our first trip to Alaska via Canada. Recommend making the trip with another MH RV-er, not a Caravan. Many places to Boondock at no cost. A couple of reasons; firstly you can stop and start at your desire VS caravan where you start, stop, park and camp by directive. We were parked in spaces on occasion intended for 20 foot travel trailers with our 40 foot MH. Secondly, do not, I repeat, do not visit Chicken or Eagle Alaska settlements. If you do You will travel approx 142 miles on a gravel, washboard and severely "dusty" road. You will meet trucks, cars and an assortment of other types running 50 to 60 MPH and they do not even slow down for you even when you are giving the international IQ sign as they meet you. You may expect dust both inside and in the basement of your MH; Like major dust, some will not. You will be unable to see a vehicle traveling this roadway behind you due to severe dust blown up by the vehicle in front or behind you. Seal the doors and windows with AC tape if you really must experience these locations. Some of our 38 Caravanners received little or no damage to their MH or their Dingy. Here is why. They prepared their equipment before leaving home. They also respected the frost heave signs on both paved and gravel roads. Repairs to those heaves by DOT personnel includes a layer of gravel for perhaps 30 to 50 feet to top off the repair. Meeting another vehicle where they know the "heave" condition at that time allows them to continue their mad dash to somewhere. Bad rock throwing occurs frequently. Watch for the little yellow signs with the little symbols that look like a picture of the Rocky Mountains taken from a distance. There is hardly anything that can prevent flying rocks from "star-ring, chipping or cracking a MH or Dingy windshield. Just part of the wonderful experience of Canada and Alaska travel. You can possibly prevent "Rock Blasting" the hood, front fenders, head and parking lights, bumper, windshield, outside rearview mirrors, L and R front windows, etc., by placing one of those Fiberglass foils that mount on your dingy tow bar. Their cost is approx $400. I did not and our friend that traveled with us did. End result no damage to their dingy other than maybe a star in the windshield resulting from a flying rock. In conclusion; our MH only suffered a few dings and "stars" in the windshield from flying rocks and that was to the drivers side. Our MH has a rubber rock/water/mud flap extending the width of the coach directly behind the rear wheels that may have been a contributing factor for damage to our dingy to the tune of $11,104.00.... (It looked like it had been sandblasted). That and coupled with meeting those oncoming vehicles did it in. Our friend removed their factory installed "mud flap" and installed the $400 fiberglass on the tow bar of their dingy and had very little, if any damage, to their dingy. Our Ford Edge looks like a new vehicle with all new replacement items and a full paint job (except the trunk lid). A positive note about traveling in a caravan; you will meet and make new friends from across the country and around the world. You will always feel safe knowing someone will stop and help you if you have a mechanical or tire problem on the road. I did carry a spare tire mounted on a rim just in case. Did not have to use it. After approx 2,000 miles There are approx 15 porcupine quills remaining in the L/front tire of the MH caused from the animal crossing the road and being scared by the sound of the our oncoming MH. There were 56 quills counted initially. IPads are amazing picture taking technology. Being able to see Mt McKinley on that clear day, as well as the many, many other beautiful scenes was worth it all. Taking just a couple of actions that we have described may save some heartache later. Our caravan traveled 2500 miles in Canada and 2300 on Alaska roads during the period July15 through September 15th 2012. Good luck and safe travels.
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