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  1. Hello All, Glad to know you're here and you all were recommended by one of my neighbors. For the very first time, in April/May this year, I bought a motorhome, A 1996 Manor, 30 ft, by Thor Industries West, One of the conditions of the 'sale' was that the salesman had to teach me to drive one of this giant rolling hotel rooms! I live in Georgia north of Atlanta and will be a pet (dogs mostly, sometimes a cat) traveler. A friend joined me on the very first trip to Doll Mountain at Carter's Lake around Ellijay, Georgia, which is only about 45 miles north of where I live. It was a little scary yet it was such a nice weekend and the RV neighbors were so helpful in helping us find how to use the hot water heater and furnace, and a few other things I had forgotten in the training sessions. I do have a couple technical questions and need to know where to post them. One has to do with white stuff coming from the roof and streaking the windows. It washes off. The next will have to do with winterizing and when best to do it in Georgia north of Atlanta. I will not use it after November or early December, or first forecasted freeze. I'll have it winterized by the dealer until I learn how to do it myself. It's stored just eight miles north in a covered storage. It's been highly recommended that it be kept under a covered storage which is 2-3 times more expensive than uncovered. I do want to do what keeps this old unit in good stead. As you can see, I'm a bit of a rambler. Denna
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