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  1. I doubt this will effect many private users of Michelin tires, but we received this flash from the DOT this afternoon and thought I would pass it on. GREENVILLE, S.C. (April 21, 2012) — Michelin North America Inc. is voluntarily recalling 77,775 Michelin-brand medium radial truck tires in the U.S. and Canada because of a problem with the tires’ casings that could cause rapid air loss. The tires being recalled are certain Michelin: XZU3 LRJ, size 305/85R22.5, and XZU2 LRJ, size 12R22.5, produced between Oct. 23, 2005, and Sept. 3, 2011; and XM505 LRJ, size 305/85R22.5, produced between April 18 and May 8, 2010, and Jan. 23, 2011, and Feb. 12, 2011, at Michelin’s plant in Spartanburg, S.C.
  2. Although there are some 'diesel' engines that have been converted for natural gas (many airport shuttles have a special design cummins), it woulld be very expensive. Another problem is where to fill. Unlike propane, CNG - compressed natural gas - requires a very expensive pump to fill the vehicles, also your vehicle will need to be fitted with CNG tanks. CNG has never been commercially accepted on a broad basis.
  3. Cecil, Have your friends contact the Med Center. They might be able to direct them to a nearby rv park. Some hospitals have patient RV parking on site. You might check.
  4. We have pulled a H3 Hummer for over 30,000 miles without any problems. The only downside is the Hummers mileage. 70-80 mph is common.
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