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  1. Sorry Onan 6300 LP Gen Set Emerald Plus Model # 6.3NHEFA63753P, in 1997 Safari. The load does not seem to change it much-- with both a/c's on it is still high, like 125.
  2. My Gen had a new voltage Reg replaced. It was putting out 180 VAC, so I took it back and they replaced Reg again. Now it is putting out 127VAC. Is this to much? Can it be adjusted? I know it is close but don't know if it will hurt anything.
  3. mcsafari

    Sway Control

    Thanks to both of you. Have been camping a long time but this computer thing still fills new. I have been looking around in the different topics here and was impressed enough to join in. I will be checking it often now!
  4. mcsafari

    Sway Control

    wolfe10, do you know of a good place close to our area that works on suspension for MH's. as I am down in Angleton, TX. area.
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