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  1. The headlights on our 2002 Dynasty Baroness were getting awfully cloudy and didn't look good and were also not working very well. Turns out that the units were actually from a BMW 5 series '96 - '03 and quite expensive to replace, even used. On ebay I found a new after market set of projector headlamp units with LED halo-rings for about half the cost of a single used unit, the swap over was relatively straight forward. The units appear to be well made and fit quite well after two small tabs were removed (copy the originals) and the wiring for the LEDs was sorted out with the turn indicator and the marker light. The original had 3 wires to the two filament bulb. The black is common and the other two are easy enough to sort out. The seller is K2 Motor and the model number is BMW E39 96-03. They are located in Walnut California and ship for a reasonable cost, we are in California and shipping was free. They can be reached at info@k2motor.com I dealt with Daniel 909-839-2992 ext. 112
  2. We are in a 2002 Dynasty and the Aquahot switches are on the cabinet face below the kitchen sink. There are two switches side by side one for the electrical element and a larger switch with an indicator light which lights when the diesel burner is on. When parked with a 30 amp hookup we find that the diesel option is the best. When it is cold out and the engine heat (switch on the dash) we can again use the diesel burner to really heat things up. The other option is to preheat the engine (another switch on the dash) using the hydronic heating system which makes real cold starts no longer an issue. Waking up to snow can be surprising because we are so comfortable and warm inside, and no running out of hot water either like with the 10 gal electrical tanks. A big plus for northern full timers, and one of the best ways to keep the bride happy.
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