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  1. I'm attempting to install a TV in the exterior compartment of my 2011 Bounder. The antenna terminal is there along with 3 jack points labeled audio left, audio right and video. I hooked the 75 ohm connector between the outlet and the TV, then I ran a cable from video output to the input side of the TV. The satellite input worked but only gave me a black and white picture with no sound and I couldn't get the DVD player to show up on the TV. The unit is supposed to be pre-wired for this set up. What am I doing wrong?
  2. hermanmullins, Thanks for the reply. The truck is a 4 wd with a manual transfer case (last one Ford made). I'm all set on my lights and brake system but never gave the steering a thought. Thanks again. Hal
  3. This will be my first time towing a vehicle, Do I need to do anything special with the locking steering wheel on my 2003 F-150. I will be using a Falcon 2 tow bar behind a 2011 Bounder.
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