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  1. Yes, these are the original batteries so I might need to replace them. I was at an RV dealer near Rockford and purchased a battery charger that is a "three stage" charger. Connected it up on Saturday afternoon and I'll check it either this coming weekend or next (the charging unit has various LED to indicate charge state). Thanks again for the help!
  2. Brett, Okay, here is the information: I have an IntelliPower 9100; Model PD9160A According to the MH Manual, I should read13.6 volts and I do - the manual also says that it only charge the house batteries. At the house batteries, I am reading a similar voltage (currently plugged in to shore power) The chassis batteries are only reading 9.78 volts so it looks like I'll need to run the engine a while but I know that is NOT good so, I'll have to get a charger for the chassis batteries. Based upon what has been exchanged so far, it looks like everything is as it should be - the batteries drained because of the GFI being tripped since our last visit and running the radio while we are gone (keep the critters confused) - maybe we'll get a radio that runs off the 120v instead of the dash radio that runs off the chassis batteries. The folks I communicated with at Battery Tenders indicated that I would need two seperate chargers, one for the house and one for the chassis. Now, all that said, any suggestions? I'd like to have somethig that will take proper care of the batteries instead of just charging them and I would LOVE it to be something that can be installed and then "forgotten". Thanks again for your help! David
  3. I purchased my 7710 at the Madison Rally and received it in October. I had to work with tech support a couple of times but they were great! Other than the operator errors, I have had no problems with it. Have gone on several trips without any problems.
  4. I also purchased mine at the Madison show - arrived in October and, aside for some operator errors, works fine. Rand's tech support has been VERY patient with me. I have taken the 7710 on two trips (one to Kansas and one to Oklahoma - both from the Chicago area) without any problems.
  5. Yes, I have a multi-meter. I checked the levels on the house batteries - a little low so I topped them off. The chassis batteries are "maintenance free" so I am not able to check any levels. The wiring is tight. I'll probably take my laptop to the campsite so I can post what I find.
  6. Brett, Thanks for the reply. I'll get the information on that, probably from my owner's manuals, but I suspect that it charges both sets of batteries - I leave my MH parked at our campground, plugged in, and I have never had an issue with drained batteries until recently. I plan on going out to the campground this weekend (March 24th). David
  7. I have a 2006 Monaco Cayman (37') Type A with the factory installed charger. I have been thinking about replacing it now for a few years and I was wondering what others have used. I have been to the Batteryminders web site as well as the Battery Tender website but I have no experience with either of them, are there others? Do these potential solutions also charge the batteries while I am driving the MH? I have two six volt house batteries (wired in series) and two 12v chassis batteries wired in parallel. I have also seen solar panels that help charge - how well do these work for users on the forum? Thanks for any input!
  8. I have a 2001 Chevy Blazer (S10, not the Trailblazer) that I tow 4-down. I have the US Gear Unified Tow Brake. I have been using this system since 2005 on two different coaches without any problems. Here is a link to the forum on RV.NET and it discusses all types of tow brake systems: http://www.rv.net/fo...id/13200019.cfm
  9. RM has several updates (according to their website): 1) Tell Rand - If you find something incorrect (GPS says speed limit is 40 but the signs say 45) - you enter that information into the unit and, the next time you connect to your internet connected PC, it gets sent and then reviewed - if the GPS needs to be updated, everyone will get those updates for free. 2) Normal maintenance updates are free 3) Map updates cost money.
  10. I purchased the 7710 in August after attending their seminar at the Madison Rally - the unit was shipped in October. I do not know about the "bad reviews" mentioned by Bill. I have not used the unit on any real trips yet, just from my dealership out to my campground at Woodhaven Lakes (about a two hour drive). I have also used the 7710 in my cars for about a week just getting used to it. I also have a Nuvi 750 that I like quite a bit. When I attended the seminar, I thought to myself, "ANOTHER gps unit - what makes theirs so special?". About five minutes into the seminar, I realized that this unit was built from the ground up for RVs (Motor Homes as well as trailers). After using the unit in my car, traveling routes that I use everyday, I can say that I like the 7710; The warning about going too fast, sharp curve ahead, and predictive traffic - I found this quite useful. In a car, the seven inch display takes up a lot of space, but in my 2006 Cayman, that is not a problem. I had purchased an external antenna for my Nuvi 750 and the external jack on the 7710 is different so I was concerned. Rand McNally tech support indicated that I probably would not need the external antenna but I was skeptical. After my "trip" in the RV, I was convinced that I did not need the external antenna because I never lost satellite reception. I needed to contact Tech Support a couple of times (user error on my part) and they were always professional, helpful, and patient with me. My wife and I really like the 7 inch screen - the 750 is 4.3 inches. I looked at the check lists (setting up camp, taking down camp) and they are quite useful - not everything I need but they are customizable. I spoke with a friend of mine who is a retired over the road trucker and he did not like the Rand McNally trucker unit at all! He said it would take too long to recalculate (sometimes more than ten minutes), suggest routes that he knew were wrong for his rig. For the recalculate "problem", I can say that the 7710 recalculates quickly (seconds). I hope this helps and if you have any specific questions I can answer, please let me know.
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