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  1. Hello, we have a 2007 Fleetwood Discovery with a full wall slide. We have had no mechanical trouble at all in the 2 1/2 years we have owned it. The only problem we occasionally have is if we are parked where the wind is blowing toward the side of the slide out. The awning over the slide will billow up and down with the gusts. It takes a pretty good gust to do it, but it is annoying. If you do decide to go with the full wall slide which we love for the room and the open feeling it gives, check and see if the awning has some type of wind block. I have seen them on shorter slide out awnings, so I am sure the newer rigs have them. Enjoy your new coach which ever one you decide on. Dennis
  2. I own a 2007 Fleetwood Discovery 39V. I recently had to have the driver side rear jack worked on and they had to replace the brake on that jack due to corrosion. With the brake replacement they also put a new boot that covers the brake. The new boot is revised, and completely sealed (as well as it can be with a cable tie holding it around the bottom of the motor). I looked at the old boot and the boots on the other three jacks. The the bottom corner on each of these boots is cut off in a manner that would let water drain from where it covers the brake. But, this would allow a free flow of road dirt and grime to enter into the brake area. My question is, are these boots cut this way from the factory or have they been otherwise tampered with. The jacks are mounted directly behind the tires. If anyone knows please speak up. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank You.
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