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  1. This thread has meandered far off the intended path!!! Why is this turning into an argument? It sounds as if a number of the respondents are stuck in their old ways. Also, it sounds like a little motor coach snobbery is rearing its ugly head here and there. It should be noted that towables do not need FMCA. As a group, towable sales grew by nearly %40 last year. There are organizations accepting all RVs, motor homes included, to which towables belong. It may be that FMCA needs towables for revenue purposes. I believe that is what is being explored. It should be a business decision, not an emotional one. Is FMCA an organization that younger people with towables would want to join? Remember, FMCA is an organization with most member in either the 55 to 65 or 65 to 75 year old age groups. FMCA! Is the emphasis on Family or Motor Coach. I believe most members in the 55 to 75 year old groups are couples, not families. So, which is it? Do not be fooled into thinking that everyone wants to belong to FMCA. Rather work to grow FMCA by widening the membership, modernizing the organization and making people realize FMCA is worthy of their membership. Bill Reichert
  2. Could someone from the governing board please respond as to whether or not FMCA membership still provides AD & D insurance as well as the very important OnCall insurance? Thanks in advance for a response. Happy New Year, Bill Reichert
  3. Membership has decreased by the thousands since they took the vote. Time is running out rapidly. Soon the membership level will require reducing staff, lowering the number of direct6ors and / or reducing their compensation, modifying or eliminating insurance options, etc., etc., etc!!! Now, not later, is time for those who voted against accepting towables to state how they propose to increase memberships. Motor coaches memberships continue rapidly declining in huge numbers. It will be interesting to see if any of them will "man up" by coming forward. Not coming forward now means they have nothing positive to contribute. If the membership was presented the facts and asked to vote on the towable issue, they might just vote "for" them. Will those who voted against, please explain your position and whether or not you would reconsider. We need to do something positive now and wait till next summer when thousands more will have quit. Merry Christmas Eve, Bill Reichert
  4. OCCUPY FMCA!! I was just thinking of that before logging on. Hopefully, those Chapter National Directors opposing towables will have the guts to come forward and state their cases. I doubt they will respond. Rest assured. They have all been made aware of what is going on by the president, so they cannot say they know nothing about what is going on here in the forum. Thanks for chiming in. Happy Holidays, Bill Reichert
  5. Deen, sorry for your loss. Membership has dropped from about 130,000 in 2004 to less than 87,000 today since 2004 - a loss of 1/3 of the memberships. The loss continues at a rapid pace - hundreds per month. To remain viable, the Association needs to revamp its thinking in many areas. The one you mention about not even replying to you is probably the most crucial. Unless there is a legitimate reason for no response, it says, "you are not important to me"! That is sad. What change could result in growth? Perhaps responding positively to families? Perhaps allowing towables? Over the last few years one would think the president and board would have some answers. Happy Holidays, Bill Reichert
  6. It is necessary to bring this thread to the surface again. How many thousand members has the Association lost while Pattie and Tom wait for some positive changes? Perhaps the governing board can answer the question if they will step forward. Bill Reichert
  7. Paul, thank you for speaking up on this issue!! In 2004, there were about 130,000 members. Today, there are less than 87,000. Membership is in a death spiral. Would those on the governing board opposing the admission of towables, please come forward and explain your case. How do you plan to increase memberships and increase revenues. And remember, please address increasing revenues, not cost cutting. Also address what will happen to the special insurance of such importance to older members when the membership falls to a slightly lower level. What about covering the expense of the national convention? How will we cover the cost of all the directors? What will happen to the current staff as membership declines? These are the things which you "motorcoach holdouts" must address. The success or demise of the Association could be in your hands. Answers. please? We have nothing to lose and everything to gain by requesting info from these people. Maybe they have some positive ideas they are willing to share. Hopefully this will result in some positive responses. Respectfully, Bill Reichert
  8. Herman, you are really on to this whole thing. Many facets of the Association need to be revamped from adjusting rallies and rally timing, as you note, to accepting family-priced RVs. Rest assured, had the U.S. and world economic situation, unemployment rate and fuel prices been in the 60's what they are today, the Association would never have become the "motor coach-centered" thing it is today. As you say, family is how this began and what it is all about. You sound like the type of person who would be happy to camp near kids no matter if they were in a fifth wheeler, a trailer or whatever. I hope that is true. Most all younger people have enough problems with the cost of educating their childern without worrying about taking out a loan to buy a motor coach. But let's face it, the FMCA is in deep trouble financially. It is approaching the tipping point. For some reason, the top of the organization apparently does not want to talk about it or or present facts to the general membership. Many want to remain a "premier" organization. Well, T. rex was a "premier" dinosaur but I don't see any of them around anymore. Bill Reichert
  9. It is now five days since the above has been posted and no feedback. Rest assured it has been read and mulled over by the president and many of the those in the hierarchy. The hope is that Charlie Schrenkel would be prompted to show Family members, via statistics and facts, the current FMCA situation. Objective information would offer Family members the chance to air their ideas to promote evolution that could result in growth. FMCA has much talent and experience in its ranks. Let it come to the surface by presenting facts and getting Family members' input. There is strength in numbers Remember, the first word in FMCA is "family" - a very important point at this time. Happy Holidays to all. Respectfully, Bill
  10. Especially because you, decision makers, read this forum, it is important that a suggestion be posted here asking for your help. It is very interesting reading some of these FMCA posts. An Open letter to FMCA is from younger person reaching out, begging for change and offering suggestions. The responses to that person have been very polite and often in agreement. Another thread points to the issue of Declining Rally Attendance. That was also politely responded to by many. These postings and others are alarm signals and should be heeded. The FMCA is currently experiencing tough times due to a serious membership decline and its resultant financial issues. Many people are getting rid of Cass A and C motor coaches, according to the dealers I have spoken to, in exchange for smaller, fuel-efficient, more agile and versatile units such as Class B RVs, 5th wheels, trailers and truck campers. Money is tight. It is either all they can afford, are willing to spend or they refuse to drive a gas guzzler. There is nothing wrong with these people or their rigs. FMCA needs them - badly. I suggest to you that it would be in the best interest of FMCA to develop a Towable Chapter (maybe even limited to units with self-contained sanititaion sytems). There are thousands of them out there. Marketing to them would bring many to join FMCA, thus bolstering the ranks with young, active members and contributors. Where else is FMCA going to get more members? Now, here is the strange thing. In a recent email exchange regarding this very topic with president, Charlie Schrenkel, he pointed out that the board overwhelmingly rejected the idea even though they had a 2009 study saying that the idea had merit for FMCA. Could someone explain their decision? In October, 2009, Charlie wrote a President's Message, It's Our Family: Help It Grow. Here it is December 2011 and memberships continue to drop rapidly along with the finances. Can someone help get the ball rolling on this idea before it is too late? Can or would someone post the membership numbers for each of the last five years so the membership can see it? Please help everyone understand what action is being taken to assure a brighter future for FMCA? This message is meant to promote a positive responses which might result in FMCA growth. Respectfully, Bill reichert
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