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  1. Rayin, The Campedium website is fantastic. I booked one leg of the trip tonight and was able to find reasonably priced spots on all of the other legs. So simple to use this site. Appreciate your experties. Warm regards, Dave
  2. We have a 33 ft Fleetwood bounder and flat tow a manual Elantra. 52 feet total length with bikes on the back of the car Thanks for the links to the websites guys. I use RvLife and also this handy site for state and national campsites. We try to stay in mostly state parks on the east coast. ALL US AND CANADA CAMPGROUNDS LOCATOR: STATE PARKS NATIONAL PARKS FORESTS MORE california oregon washington new york pennsylvania more (uscampgrounds.info)
  3. Hi everyone I am looking for suggestions for campgrounds in or around Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands and Arches. I am not having much success booking dates using Recreation.gov for campgrounds near the parks. (ex-Devils Garden in Arches and Wathman in Zion). Any suggestions for private campgrounds around each of the parks or how about BLM parks which cannot be reserved. We were hoping to visit the Grand Circle this spring (we are driving ~ 2000 miles to get to the area from Philly). Maybe we are too late for this spring. Excited to make this trip.. Dave
  4. Thanks I will look into the FMCA program
  5. Hi We need to replace the tires on our Fleetwood Bounder. Tires are 245 / 70R 19.5. We have had Goodyear G647 RSS tires (G rated) since we purchased the coach and had new tires installed in 2017. I have been shopping around for new tires and the prices are in the $ 500 dollar range. Talked to a local truck tire guy and he will install new Armstrong (H rated) tires for $ 335. The price sounds fantastic but I have never heard of Armstrong brand tires. Any experiences with Armstrong tires?
  6. Thanks everyone. Lovings the suggestions. We want to do as much as possible. Start West in early April and go until early June. Fellow Fleetwood Rig. We have a 2007 Bounder. She has been great.
  7. Hi "guys" We just finished a 32 night trip through Va and NC. We visited Douthat SP, Smith Mountain Lake SP and Shenandoah River SP in Va and New River SP, Medoc Mountain SP and Mama Gerties Hideaway Campground 10 miles from Ashville. Our next trip in September is Letchworth SP, Fish Creek Pond SP (our favorite) and North South State Park in NY We think we are ready to "tackle" the great National Parks out west starting next spring. We will be starting North of Philadelphia and will make a week or so stop in KC to see my pops before heading further west. Any suggestions of routes to take. Head north and then zig zag south or reverse etc We figured this will be a 60-75 day trip. Thanks Dave (happily retired chemist)
  8. Thanks for the suggestion about CaCl2 it would not be good for the RV's underbelly. I guess we should wait until late March. Will give me time to get a few projects done around our home.
  9. Hello everyone, We are about to enter a new phase of our RV lives. My wife is retired and I will retire in January. We will be camping in one of our favorite spots from late September to early October the DAKS. In February we want to start 6-8 week adventure starting in the Philadelphia area. Any suggestions on must see spots heading south and west starting in the middle of winter in the NE. All the best Dave and Suzanne
  10. Brett, Thank you very much. We have been part-time RV's for about 6 years and we learn something (s) from veteran RVers like yourself every time we are on the road. In a few years we will be snowbirders and can hopefully pass on some of our experiences to others. Regards, Dave
  11. We have owned a 2007 Fleetwood Bound 32W for 3.5 years. Our driveway has about 5-6 degree slope from the top of the driveway to the bottom. Until recently, I have been backing the RV into the driveway so the engine is on the uphill side. I find it easier to actually pull the RV in forwards and then back the RV out when we are getting ready for a trip. Would anyone expect there to be a problem with the engine or transmission if I continue to store the RV with the engine on the downhill side of the driveway? Regards, Dave
  12. Thanks for all of your comments..... Today I took the RV to the mechanic who does my servicing and he told me exactly what huffypuff posted earlier today. Nothing to worry about. Regards, Dave
  13. Brett Its a Ford V-10 engine so it not a Workhorse. I 'll see if I can check the hydraulic fluid and brake master cylinder levels. Thanks Dave
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