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    I began my life without my husband of twenty-five years by revving up the travel dream and flooring it. And something unexpected happened. All the people in my life—family, friends and the multitude of newfound friends made along the lonely road—began praising me for the inspiration I instilled in them, giving them hope that life did not have to end after the death of a loved one. Their inspiration was like fuel to my hungry soul and in turn fired up another item on my "Always Wanted To Do” list: Write a book.
    I hope this book that has become my inspiration will inspire and give hope to anyone journeying through life's difficulties as I share not only my grief from the loss of a loved one but also as I examine the agony and the complexity of an abusive yet loving marriage.
    For those who cannot either physically or financially go on a road trip, I invite them along literally to travel with me as my words instill in them a spirit of adventure as they visit the places they've yearned.
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  1. Where does everyone get their dogs and cats groomed when they are on the road? If a motorhome pulling a grooming trailer was at the campground you were staying, would you be inclined to use the service rather than bathe your pet yourself? Also if the trailer offered doggie day care while you were sightseeing, would you use a service like that? I am consdering semi retiring from my "stick" grooming salon and making my grooming business "full time" in a trailer behind my motorhome. I would love to have everyone's feedback.
  2. I am not exactly new to rving but I am nearing a big decision to sell my business and retire from my dog grooming business that I have operated since I was eleven years old. I am scared and excited all at the same time. I don't plan to be a full timer but the next thing to it...maybe travel for six months at a time. I recently got into writing and enjoy the craft immensley. I can write and travel at the same time. I did a seminar at the Indio FMCA Rally in January on " Have you ever thought of Writing?" I am unable to attend the rally in Indiana this year but next year I plan on being free as a bird. Judy Howard jhoward1935@gmail.com www.sportsterandme.com www.sportsterhoward.com
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