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  1. Roof a/c fan and compressor will not engage...Same result when on heat pump setting...When starting there is a humming sound but the compressor or fan will not start...Would appreciate a diagnosis if anyone knows the problem.

    Duo-Therm Penguin roof top a/c and heat pump Model #630516.321

  2. On 9/9/2018 at 9:37 AM, manholt said:

    Nevada side.  More to do!  Also, when are you going?  In what?

    In the next couple of days...Coming from Oregon thru Tahoe then on to Yosemite...Looking at Carson City...39’ DP towing a jeep 

  3. After about 20 days all of my air bags lose their air while in storage...I have never had a malfunction code or warning and have never had a problem restoring air to them when we leave...Looking for expert opinions.

    2004 Kountry Star DP

    Spartan Chassis (Reyco Granning Suspension Model #240 AR)


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