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  1. Presently, I tow a Jeep Cherokee with a curb weight of 3,600 Lbs. and am considering replacing it with a Jeep Grand Cherokee with a curb weight of 4,600 Lbs. The Ford V10 has a weight limit of 5,000 lbs for the dinghy. Am I cutting it too close and am I looking for transmission failure? Thanks.
  2. Yesterday, the battery in my Jeep Cherokee , used as a dinghy. died and I called FMCA Roadside Assistance for a jump start and was told that only my RV was covered for roadside assistance. Is this true? Do you have to pay extra for coverage on your additional vehicles? I called FMCA and their provider SafeRide RV Motor Club for answers and will have to wait for an answer to my question during normal business hours on Monday - Friday.
  3. So far this year, I have towed my Jeep Liberty 3,000 miles. I have about 7,000 miles on my Class C motorhome. I plan to keep my 2011 Jeep Liberty as a Dinghy for a long, long time (100,000++ miles). I usually stop for about thirty minutes. I usually stop every two hours. 60-65 mph. Yes. On bumper.
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