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  1. How may I determine which Caterpillar 3126 engine I have in my 2001 Airstream XC360. 3126, 3126B or 3126E
  2. I have Steer Safe Units and they will sometimes make a clunking noise on certain turns.
  3. Over the past 50 years, I have built many street rods and modified cars. I know that the theory of "more air in, more air out" provides improved performance in a gas engine, but I am new to diesels. Would the improvement be worth the money ($1,000)? We have a 2001 Airstream XC360 with the 300-horsepower Caterpillar engine. Thanks.
  4. Recent short trip, first day 300 miles next morning started motorhome (2001 Airstream XC360) low water, abs, check engine and check trans lights did not go off and fuel gauge not working local RV tech (??) checked fuses could not find a problem none were blown, lights went out. Next travel day all worked well except fuel gauge, next travel day all warning lights on, stopped for fuel then all is well. Now no warning lights come on when key is switched on, fuel gauge still not working. Can anyone offer any advice or suggestions Thank You
  5. We are in Fort Worth at Cowtown RV. They told us if need be they would open the rally room, my thoughts were it should have been opened as soon as heavy rain, ping pong size hail and 60 mph + winds were forecast. Luckily all we got was the heavy rain light hail and rain
  6. We are new to class A motorhomes (2001 XC360 Airstream with a 300Cat/Allison. Peviously we had a 30' Airstream TT and a 2011 Dodge deisel, and had no problems with a 10-12 % grades. We are flat towing a Mini Cooper (weight 2400#). My question is what can I expect with the motorhome in the mountains. Thank You
  7. I installed Steer Safe this morning, took a little over an hour and would have been easier with 2 people. We will try it out tomorrow. I called and ordered from the factory, very easy to understand and very helpful. A good company that actually practices "customer service".
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