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  1. I have a 2002 Monaco Dynasty with an intermittent 12 volt issue. The inside lights dim, sometimes to the point of failing totally. This doesn't seem to be consistent with any load conditions, and we are plugged into full shore power when this happens. I have a Trace inverter that was made and installed in the coach in 2008. The inverter remote panel shows 100% (or near that) charge, with house voltage no lower than 13.8 volts, up to 14.2 volts. When checking the inverter set up (we bought the coach used), I saw the batteries had been set up as GEL, but I had replaced these with FLOODED. Could this be a bad inverter that isn't sensing the coach load condition correctly, and is trying to figure out how much to charge?
  2. Girard is totally automatic. No locks or posts that mount down the side of the coach. There is even a wind speed sensor that will automatically retract the main awning at around 7 mph (I think it's adjustable too).
  3. I am having carpet replaced by Camping World. They sub out these more involved jobs, to more advanced and experienced comnpanies. One thing to note, make sure they measure your entire floor that will have carpet, INCLUDING the slides. Basically, you must double your square footage for any slides. Camping World did NOT do this, so we are having to wait an extra week for more. However, I find CW in Mesa very easy to deal with. They have made up for this mistake with extra discounts on the job. Good luck!
  4. I just joined FMCA tonight and the first forum I came to is exactly what I have on my '98 Monaco. Was this way when I bought it, so don't know how long it's been. Are there repairs in the Phoenix area?
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