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  1. When we start to fill our empty fresh water tank, there is two lines that come out just below the water compartment, they appear to be over flow lines. I have traced them and they also go into the coach behind the washer and have air valves at the top and turn and hook into the water system in the coach. They are not low drains, you can hear the air drawn into them after you start to fill the tank. Its like it will pressurize the tank and drains all the water out. Any one have an idea or have had this problem? I just call Fleetwood for plumbing diagrams. But hope some one here has the fix. Thanks Larry
  2. Hi. Does anyone know where I can get a cover for the grill over the hood and windshield on my Jeep Wrangler towed vehicle? Thanks. Larry
  3. Hi I just had the same problem about 3 days ago, I found a wire off on the inverter on one of the relays. There are 8 of them , look for a wire that is lose, hook it up and your back in business. Unhook all power before you go play in there, very hot stuff. Larry
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