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  1. Depending on your handiness, and type of coach. Most are a waste of money. That is if you are handy. But read the fine print.You are always charged for the tech to evaluate the problem, not covered by any or most that is $ 129.00 to start, and then many parts are not covered or some are but the service is not, or the service may be but the part is not. Be careful. I take care of my own Class A .
  2. They have after market front end stabalizers around $300.00 -$500.00. Very Very Effective. Also check all your tie rods, ball joints, and if they are greased well. Just being low on grease will make your motor home drift. Just Grease. But at that mileage , it is probably due for new tie rods ect. But the Stabilizers are excellent. Good Luck Fellow Camper. P.S. WHAT COLOR IS YOUR RIG SO WHEN I SEE YOU COMING I CAN GET OUT OF THE WAY. ' )
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