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  1. So far. So good. Time will tell. Battery seems to be staying topped off to what it should be. You sure have helped me get some knowledge about the system. I'm closing now, thanks for all the help. Harkey
  2. Thanks chucknewman, I checked the fuses first thing this morning and was going to start on the other when I did what I should have first - run a voltage check on the batteries. Harkey
  3. It dawned on me after reading about the control panel that we'd had power outages 2 different time in the past couple of months. I had to unhook the shore power to hookup the generator. The last time when a squirrel had blown a fuse to the transformer, I failed to hook up the shore power for probably over a week. So I checked the chassis batteries and they showed 3.8v. I've been charging it off and on all day. Checked them after sitting awhile this afternoon with all the disconnects open and they showed 12.5. Topped them off to 12.8v. Set all disconnects to closed and turned the shore power back on. I'll leave them tonight and hope the voltage on them will show normal in the morning. Sure hope this is the problem. Should know in the morning if it worked. Will let you know. Harkey Oh, I did hear a hummmm coming from them after reconnect.
  4. In searching the internet I found this "FLEETWOOD - BATTERY CONTROL CENTER " at intellitec.com/PDF/5300578.100.pdf. It looks like what I need to check it out. Still wish had some expert on it to help me. It may take a day or so, but will let you know.
  5. I'll do that tomorrow Wolfe10. I've decided to go ahead and take the lid off anyway. Might get a picture of what's there. It's dark here in Oklahoma and I sure don't want any bad surprises. I'll sure get back with you. Thanks.
  6. It's exactly like I said. The shore power doesn't charge the chassis batteries. The inverter is working, because it keeps the coach batteries charged. The inverter will charge the chassis if the control panel and relays are working right. The control panel is suppose to switch the charge to the chassis when it get down to about 12.5v, but it's not switching over. The control and relays are next to the battery compartment. I am reluctant to open them up till I have some idea of what to expect and how to check them out.
  7. The inverter charges both sets, but just one at a time. It's the control panel that converts the power from one set to the other. The control panel lets the inverter charge the coach batteries most of the time, but when it checks the chassis batteries and they are below a certain level it tells the relays to switch. I'm just not sure how to check out the control board or the relays. It could be ether one. Harkey
  8. Yes it is suppose to charge the chassis batteries. My understanding is that it charges the coach batteries all the time, but checks every now and then and when the chassis are getting low it will switch over and charge them for a while. Harkey
  9. My shore power won't charge the chassis batteries. New chassis batteries died after sitting for a while, even though it's hooked up to the 50amp shore line. Could some one tell me how to check out the control panel and the relay's? It's on a 2000 Fleetwood American Tradition. Has a new Freedom 20 Xantrex inverter. Coach batteries are staying fully charged. Harkey
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