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  1. I'm in my RV for four months each summer. While some campgrounds offer Wi-Fi, I find the service to be sketchy at best. I'm trying to figure out how I can carry my own Wi-Fi connection (cellular or satellite) for the four months I need it without paying for it for the whole year. It seems that the services that I've talked to want a year or two-year contract and that just doesn't work for me. Any ideas out there that might solve my dilemma?
  2. When you go to Branson, if you are Passport America there is a fantastic RV park called Branson View. We've been to Branson for the last five years and always stay here. The park sits on top of a hill and has a wonderful view of downtown Branson. There are fireworks at an amusement park in Branson and you can see them from the RV park. Branson View is just a little out of town but well worth it. You don't want to stay in town anyhow...too many tourist. If you're not with Passport (which I highly recommend) you can still stay at Branson View, you'll just pay more. Branson is a wonderful city. You can see shows morning, afternoon and night. Most are shows by people that you've never heard of but we've never seen a bad show and they're priced right. Have a ball!!
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