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  1. Well I had a heck of a time getting my Norcold fridge to work with out in going into no-co messages when using LP... I tore apart the burner and cleaned the burner it's self with 91% rubbing alcohol and replacing the Igniter  which I discovered had broken free from the ceramic which let it fall right on to the burner and ground out and preventing the flame to burn and create muli-volts to hold the valve open....

    After many emails with the owner of ARPrv.com we decided it must be the propane regulator and low and behold that was it, now when the burner is lit I can hear it roar...... Now my traveling bomb of a refrigerator works as it should... I have the Norcold recall box installed and plan on taking it one step further by installing the  ARPrv safety solution what it does is it monitors the burner tube and shuts it off BEFORE the Norcold valve shuts it off and you have to take it to a dealer to get it reset when it goes into no-co. (Yes you can do the magnet trick) but that didn't work for mine. So I had to reset the board.

    I am now looking forward to the 2017 camping/traveling season now knowing I can boondock again...... I would have installed a residential fridge but $$$$$$ held me back

  2. 23 minutes ago, WILDEBILL308 said:

    I can tell you are using Internet Explorer.:ph34r:

    In the top right hand of the page click on your name and you will get a dropdown list. Click on account settings. Under the heading “OVERVIEW” click on signature. This will open a place to enter what you want in your signature.




    Thanks I got it.................. Thanks again

  3. 6 hours ago, hermanmullins said:

    And so goes the problem with Norcold. If I remember correctly that was the OP.

    Lee, did you get the unit working???


    No I am still working on it. I may have either a bad LP pressure valve and/clogged LP filter. I need to do a HARD reset of the board. After that I'll start the Fridge on AC and then switch over to LP and see what happens.......The weather here in Central California has prevented me from working on it.......

    Thanks LeeB7

  4. 11 hours ago, abyrd said:


    Not sure of your location,  but I have a Norcold 1200 that I will give to you.   Maybe between the two you can make one that would work.


    Jim B

    I am in the Central Valley of California and Hmmmmmmm.. Thanks but no thanks...... I have to try and figure out how do to my signature on here

    3 hours ago, hermanmullins said:


    There is no end for the saga of the Never Cool 1200. The EPA has designate the 1200 as a bio hazard and can no longer be used as boat anchors. They are now having to make special locations in land fills for them. Most states are having problems finding them in isolated areas along country roads illegally dumped. They are stating that they would rather have old mattresses and couches than No Cool 1200ds.   :P   


    Ha ha ha ha ha ha................ Maybe Napalm or C-4......

    1 hour ago, tcolburn said:

    We went through pretty much the same sequence with our Norcold 1200 last year. Installed the ARPRV unit, replaced the circuit board, deleted the "black box"... and still kept having to reset the refrigerator when running on LP.

    We received a lot of useful advice, most of it from members of this forum (thanks again to all!). We ended up going to JC Refrigeration in Shipshewana and they replaced our rusty old cooling unit along with the gas burner and (as long as they were in there) the electric heating elements. We kept our circuit board. Since then, no trouble! Turns out that the gas burner was probably the main culprit; it corroded and got clogged and then didn't provide enough heat, according to the techs at JC. For peace of mind we went with the full cooling-unit replacement since ours was pretty rusty.

    We had considered a residential replacement, but decided that the flexibility of having both AC and LP operation, and not having to modify the cabinet work and electrical system in the coach, made the cooling-unit replacement option a better one for us.

    --Tim C.

    I thought about the Amish Cooling unit..... Still might....... My burner apears to be in good shape I cleaned it the other day with 91% rubbing alcohol and it cleaned up pretty good...... I am right now in contact with Paul with ARPrv and him and I are working on getting mine to where it will work.


    Thanks everyone......... LeeB7

  5. Thank You for your responses..... I promise I am being very careful and ALWAYS on the look out for the Yellow Powder and Ammonia smell..

    It looks like I am at the point of doing a reset on the board, I tried the magnet trick with no results...... I have been in contact with the people from ARPrv.com and they suggested that the regulator could be bad meaning there is not enough pressure or the filter could be plugged..... This coming week I will be checking...

    Like I said I am at my wits end and getting real close to starting the residential refrigerator install and taking this Norcold and use it as a ONE TIME BOAT ANCHOR

  6. I will not bore you with telling you the whole story prier, because I had what I thought was a good starting point. My coach is a 2004 Meridian Itasca 34H. Fridge is a 2100 4 door....... I have only had the coach for a little over 2yrs....... Yes I have looked into installing a residential fridge but for now I am short on cash to do that

    I had a new Norcold prevent box installed at a local dealer and the Fridge worked on AC and LP there at the lot. They ran it on AC and said it worked fine. When I picked it up it was on LP and read 37*... Yay I thought they had it fixed. Got it home plugged it in and turned it on the next day with fridge on Auto and it came on using AC, after a few hours it cooled off so I turned it off and waited a couple days. With the MH unplugged and fridge on Auto I turned it on and it started on LP after a couple hours it shut off and I got the dreaded No-Co flashing. So I turned it off and waited and day, tried it again on LP and got the same No-Co after a couple hours. I shut it off and tried it again and after about a minute got the No-Co....

    My question is will the ARPrv Device help? By that I mean shut the fridge off while on LP and reset before it goes into No-Co.......

    I store the coach at home under cover and perfectly level.........


  7. To sum it up it's not FMCA forums that does the spell check it's your computer system.

    I agree 100%.

    However at the start of this thread I was thinking that it may be a setting that I was missing.... Not a problem I'll just watch my typing.....

  8. What version of Firefox are you running? I am using 18.0 I did a Help look up and it appears that Firefox had some intermittent spell check problems with version 15 & 16.

    I looked and I am running 18..... This could be one of those things I will have to live with....... Thanks for you trying to help

    I don't want to change anything in my spelling. I like for you folk out there to say "I think I know what he said but I also think he has his own words". :):wub:


    Ha ha ha ha........... Good point....... :blink:

  9. Thanks.......... I use Firefox as well and I checked my spell check is checked........

    Test Tset Hmmmmmmmmm Wednesday Wedensday Hmmmm Thursday Thrusday Hmmmm Nothing underlined

    Imsooter..... this is interesting because usually when I am at other sites they are underlined...

  10. We are moving from a 2001 38ft Endeavor to a 2013 View Profile 24G (a challange in it's self.)

    We will be flying to Iowa from California to pick up our unit and then driving to Pennsylvana to visit our niece, then return to the dealer in Iowa to have any issues repaired that WILL crop up with a new unit before returning to California.

    The coach will have less then 10 miles so I will be breaking the Motor in..

    I would like advice on the best way to go about this.........

    Thanks for your time...... LeeB

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