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  1. Just curious , Anyone else having a problem getting through to Michelin credit card registration site? Has anyone else used the Michelin Tire program with success in recent weeks? I have called their credit card registration number about 10 times or more in the last two days. Three times I’ve been left on hold for over 30 minutes before being disconnected. If you press number to leave a message it takes you to their mailbox which it says you can’t leave a message because it’s full. In total I’ve spent more than two hours trying to get through to them. I’m not sure if there’s something wrong with their system or what but,I don’t know of any other way of contacting them other than by this phone # , and then they put you on hold. I’ve given up trying to use this program and ordered the tires directly from a Michelin dealer. I actually get a person to talk to and make all my arrangements in less than five minutes.
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