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  1. Thanks I will check but will it act like that reverse polarity and it works.
  2. I have the wiring diagram. I am wondering if relay might be bad because when I switch the purple and gray wires it works its just that my monitor switch is backwards . Maybe I am not explaining it right and Friday when I called intellitec the man was a little well he just didn't act like he wanted to help to much. But I do thank you for responding to this and i will try something.
  3. Problem with relay I think or Panel. I have the Intellitec 01-00066-003 BD3 switch panel and the Intellitec 01-00055-000 Battery disconnect relay. Problem: switch will not turn chassis off coach works turns battery relay on and off but chassis does not so I tried an idea.I unhooked the wires that activate the switch the wires that are on front of relay (plus & negative that I think switch back and fourth) and I hooked them up opposite of how they are wired. Now the switch works turns reay on and off but switch is backwards off is on and on is off is this a bad relay? It won't work if I wire it back to the right way. Need help.
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