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  1. We have a 2005 Monaco Dynasty w/ auto air leveling system HWH. It used stay level after we park it in our garage, for weeks. Lately I noticed the rear end is sagging while it is parked. The rate of sag is 3.5 inches down in six hours. (left to right stays in level) No issues on the front end. Any of you folks had this problem? What causes this problem and how did you fix it? Thanks bambiajlora
  2. After agonizing days of checking here is what I found and solved my problem on fan issue. The issue was my fans were not running. I have changed the thermostat, bypassed with hard wire, traced source of 12V, and several more with no result but frustration. My coach have done Norcold recall work per the previous owner at a Norcold authorized shop and it seems they have done a poor job. You can see the new wires were wraped around gas pipe, tied to ice maker water line, and bunched like twaing and see no quality workmanship. Anyway, the 12V supply line plug in to the fan was reversed, Pos to Neg. The same line feeds to heaters, valve and light which doesn't matter reverse polarity as long as DC current passes through. But, for the pancake fans(magnetic fan) if you reverse polarity it does NOT turns at all. Well, the lines were reversed on mine and the fan never turned a single revolution since the recall work. After the line change my fan works as the way should be and my Norcold refrig is in a happy camper. So, check your wires to the fan.
  3. Norcold 1200 LRIM on Monaco Dynasty; I bypassed the thermostat with hard wire, still the fan does not run. My question to you is where the 12V power to fan comes from? How can I track the source? Thank you.
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