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  1. Will, That is the best news I have heard. I will go up there tomorow and see what I can find out. I was wondering how has your Holiday Rambler been treating you? Once again, thank all of you for your knowledge and input. It is nice to have access to all this wealth of knowledge on this forum.
  2. I sure appreciate the salvage directory. It is also nice, Tim, to know that you can purchase parts directly from the factory. That is good to know. Thanks for all your help gentlemen.
  3. I googled the part number on the board and did not have any luck. I am still looking for a replacement cicuit board. Everything is working ok,but I just dont want anything else going down. Are there any good salvage places? Please Help me guys.
  4. This is fabulous, thanks guys for the reply and the info on campgrounds and the welcome. I have seen the emblem forever and decided being we just jumped into RVing we better join. This forum is really a great tool. Thanks again!!
  5. This is a Holiday Rambler part. It is located on the firewall driver side accessible from the outside front access. I have not tried Holiday Rambler yet because like I said I am new to RV's not repair and maintenance. It is a Freightliner chassis. The tech had to power up the light feed ,which receives it feed through the 12 volt main lugs feeding the board, then the board distributes the power into the wiring harness. The tech had to feed that part of the harness to have power at that particular circuit. That circuit was the ICC lights. The wires are loomed in a harness that comes down to your plug which has multiple pins that connect into the board. I had 1 bad Circuit on that section of the board and damage to a pin. The tech did clean work and I understand well what he did. My concern is that this harness is also the dash feed,On the dash feed is your blower motor for dash a/c and heat. I want to see if there is any chance to find these parts because those guys in Florida and a local place in my state had no interest in trying to locate a circuit board. The board has a Part #. I understand there has been a big shake up in the RV industry in the last couple years with several manufacturers supposedly closing then maybe they opened back up and some never did re-open. I wanted to check with the end user like yourselves who have had alot of first hand experience for the advise on what direction to go.I would think there is a **** of a demand for stuff on these old RV's like I have, cause I have seen a bunch on the road.There is some back feeding at times because whenever the problem occured with the board there is a pin or two pins that are not getting good contact. I have heard that parts hunting can be a little different then what I am used to. Everything else on the board is great. Keep in mind there are several other 12 volt functions. Floor lights,ceiling lights,and other house stuff are just fine. I needed to be a little clearer on the burnt circuit board because it is more like a couple of circuits(at most 2) out of probably a whopping guess well over a 100-- the other 99 or so are fine. I did not even know if Holiday Rambler or as I have been told Monaco is still in business or not. I figured I needed to join this(FMCA) association and learn as efficiently as I could. I have seen alot of these(FMCA) plates over the years on some beautiful rigs with some old kool kats driving them. I sure noticed in Florida that the shop labor rate was $115 per hour. I will be doing almost all of this in house at my place of business. We work on automotive all the way to class 8 diesel trucks. My everyday rate with 3 ASE techs is $70 per hour. I was a little shell shocked with the rate. lol Thanks guys for the reply, I am really excited about this RV. I just brougt this thing home 2 weeks ago and we can't wait to get out and use it. I am gonna punch the part number on google and see if that does anything. Sorry for so much typing.
  6. Looking for a nice campground that can hold a 38' RV with a pool and something for the family--like fishing and trails. We are not going until June, just trying to get everything in order. Thanks
  7. I am new to the site and motorhomes. I am a business owner that repairs cars and semi's. I purchased this rv in Lakeland Fl. The previous owner agreed to fix some lights that were out. I drove it to Long View RV Service in East Tampa. Long View gave me a diagnosis of a burnt circuit board. I came over to the coach and looked at the board,which was definately showing some charring just on part that the lights plugged in. I guess I should specify what lights, they where running lights and a brake light. So the technician said they can not locate parts for a coach of this age. Honestly I don't even think they even tried. The technician said he could rewire the back and put a relay in, he was very neat and clean with his work, although I have other problems now like the blower motor and lights want to come on and off when the switch is off. I waited 4 days to let these guys fix it so I could get back to my shop. Long story short I want to find a place that I can replace the board myself. I had to get away from that dealer inFlorida. Thanks for any input. Jason
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