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  1. I have the Roadmaster Guardian Rock Guard and Stow-a-Way used with a Roadmaster Falcon 5250 Towbar and Roadmaster's auxillary braking system on a 2001 CRV since it was new. Towed 63000 miles behind two motorhomes. Only rock pits on the hood are from regular driving and car has the original windshield. I have noticed a little sanding of the underneath front plastic and the stainless suspension bar across under the car front end since the rock guard doesn't cover below the front bumper area. I am more than satisfied with these products and really appreciate the Stow-a-Way for storage when not towing. Has provisions to install a padlock whether towing or not to prevent theft of the Rock Guard. Believe these items are some of the best things I have purchased. I have replaced the nylon and tyvek washers in the towbar twice since 2001 with free replacements from Roadmaster. Recently ordered the six washers again in anticipation of replacing the old, and since Roadmaster does not sell the Falcon 5250 anymore, I paid $ 5.12 for the washers. I believe they still use the same washers on the Falcon 2 towbar. These washers wear down and flatten out and makes the swivel areas get a little sloppy, or at least a little more loose than I prefer.
  2. I currently tow a 2001 Honda CRV Standard Shift behind our 31' 2007 Monarch Ford Gas. Been towed 63,000 miles behind an 2001 Itasca Sunrise and the Monarch and also driven the CRV an extra 62,000 miles since new. Recently purchased a 1999 Ford Ranger XLT extended cab 4 door 4WD with automatic transmission and 3.0 liter V6 one owner with 25000 original miles. Would like to also have this vehicle to tow behind the Monarch. Have read about tow neutral programming or driveshaft disconnect. Can't seem to find much info about towing this vehicle and whether tow neutral setup will work with this model and whether the driveshaft disconnect is still sold. If it can be towed either way, all I would need is the baseplate, wiring, and auxiliary brake setup added to the pickup (and of course the tow neutral or driveshaft disconnect). On the second motorhome, I had to add the Roadmaster Motorhome parts since I let the items remain on the Itasca when I traded. I am not interested in removing the Ranger driveshaft temporarily to tow it. I have Roadmaster's setup on the motorhome and the CRV --- Roadmaster towbar, wiring, baseplate, and auxiliary brake system tied into the hydraulic brake system and it has worked perfectly with the two motorhomes. Has or does anyone tow a 1999 Ranger automatic 4WD and what would you recommend. I am not familiar with the Ford transmissions and why the newer ones can be programmed/or come with an added LED. Is there a big difference in the different year automatics with 4WD designs? Just looking for any info related to the Ford Ranger only model towing. Thanks in advance for any suggestions/information you might be able to provide.
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