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  1. We are considering buying a Berkshire 390 FL motorhome. It has everything we want and is reasonably priced for a diesel. But, there is always a but, a concern has come up over Forest River's use of the Girard tankless hot water heater. I am familiar with tankless systems used in the home but this is the first time I have seen one in a motorhome. My main question centers on the Girard user manual instructions which say that in order to regulate the temperature of the water you turn on the hot water only and regulate temperature by reducing the flow. It is explicit in saying that you should not turn on the cold water tap, but just turn the hot water flow up and down to regulate the temperature. Now I could be wrong but my experience with water taps is that when you turn them down you get less water. Knowing that showers in rv's do not generally supply a great deal of water to begin with it seems that turning it down will leave less water to rinse with. Does anyone have experience with the Girard tankless system? Does anyone have any thoughts? Can anyone see why using the cold water tap to regulate temperature would not work? tony
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