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  1. And while you have the trench dug it is a good time to add Water Line Internet Cat 6 Cable Coaxial cable (for cable TV or Satellite) Telephone line John
  2. With Progressive Insurance they ask how many months out of the year you use your RV and bill you accordingly.
  3. Extended warranties are always controversial. I got mine through American Guardian. We paid $3,000 for three years and had a $50 deductible. Over the three years we had the warranty we received over $12,000 in compensation. Overall we were pleased. Some things that were not covered were amazing. Our policy stated that all gauges were covered. Our temperature gauge quit working and the problem was the sender. I was told the gauge was covered but the sender was not. Who would have thunk it There is one very strong argument for having the policy. That is the peace of mind it gives you when driving. It was worth every penny for the peace of mine it gave my wife while driving back and forth across the USA.
  4. Take a ride up the Apache Trail in your toad. It starts in Apache Junction and terminates at Roosevelt Lake. You will see Canyon Lake, Apache Lake (visit their restaurant) and enjoy one of the most beautiful scenic rides ever! After Canyon Lake the road becomes a dirt road. Do not fear; it is a well maintained road. After reaching Roosevelt Dam I suggest coming back to Apache Junction by way of Globe (longer road but 100% paved). Make sure you take a camera and remember the rule of the desert "If it is green and grows in the desert", it will have pickers and it WILL HURT YOU!
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