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  1. nekiatap

    Tire pressure

    Thank you. I appreciate your response. If we do not have all that, what would you recommend for tire pressure?
  2. nekiatap

    Tire pressure

    I have a Monaco Motorhome, 40 ft. 30,000 lbs. with dual rear tires 295/80R225. I have tried to read the tire charts in order to find out what tire pressure should be. I cannot figure it out. I need to know the recommended tire pressure. .
  3. I power wash the roof of my coach, low pressure, and then apply an ample supply (heavy coat) of "Mop and Glow" once or twice a year depending on camping environment. Seems to work very well Dave
  4. Need weather update from South Dakota folks on which part of August/September is an okay time to visit Mount Rushmore. We RV'rs don't want to run into winter weather if at all possible. We can do August 10th-September 15th?
  5. nekiatap


    Does anyone know where I can get a Gustafon 10" replacement globe for a over-the-table ceiling light for a 2000 Monaco Windsor?
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