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  1. No question...Lifeline AGM's. Sealed, no maintence, no hassle. Order on line, shipped from California, UPS! Cost a little more but worth every penny.
  2. Well I think their information is way outdated and not researched at all, given what they claim in their internet ads. The software never worked right on the iMac, repeated phone calls by me asking for phone support (I am not technical) were only answered with terse emails saying they do not offer phone support, only email support which is not adequate for me (or $139.00). After struggling with the software for awhile, it was removed by them from my computer, and they asked Capital One to rebill me again! Ha...one less credit card perhaps, but I would tell folks who ask about this outfit to not do business with them. When the original owner and author was alive, I guess it was a so-so source, but now the information is either way out of date or just a calculation, and not a personal evaluation. Plus they claim to be a non-profit. Might just clue the IRS about that! Both the FMCA and IRV2 forums are the best and current info to use in seeking information about a RV purchase, for sure. Don't bother with RV Consumer and waste your money.
  3. What are the key issues with these coaches? Given their own chassis and reputation, they seem like a quality coach that handles well, retains value, and is safe. I have no knowledge of them and looking for feedback. Thanks.
  4. These people have refused to call and correct the software problems, only contact via email. Clearly a bogus operation when you look at the repetitive data for every coach and manufacture. Almost impossible to use, and I trust Capital One will honor the dispute as this outfit, claiming to have "thousands of satisfied customers" and yet still claiming to be non-profit (does the IRS know that?!) seem to ignore or stonewall requests to fix or return. Caveat empor!
  5. Thanks. I just did, but curious as to how this organization calls itself a "charitable organization"?!!!
  6. I just paid this outfit $139 for software that supposedly is the "bible" for evaluating used and newer RVs. I downloaded what they said was a package for MACs. It does not work, and calls and e-mails so far have not been answered. Two Questions: 1. Have others had this problem and what was the resolution? 2. Is this outfit reliable and any good? Or did I waste my money? Thanks.
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