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  1. Hello to all! I am looking for help in replacing the dash heater/AC blower in my 2007 Country Coach Allure. It looks like the entire horizontal dash surface needs to be removed. I cannot see any other way to get to the dash heater/AC assembly housing. Looks like the actual dash with gauges will also need to be unbolted and moved. I was able to replace the same fan on my previous RV, a 1997 Monaco Windsor, by removing the vertical surface between the floor and the dash horizontal surface. A new, $35 Napa blower motor was the fix! This RV appears to require substantially more disassembly to get at the blower motor. If anyone had done this before and would be willing to share their secret, please post a reply. Thank you in advance for your help. Felix 2007 Country Coach Allure #31448.
  2. After a couple of weeks of talking with Cummins, I was told that they cannot provide any financial help with my failed engine. The last assistance that Cummins provided related to the wrist pin recall issue was for a 2014 engine failure in a 2006 RV with 44k miles on the odometer. I was told that it was highly unlikely that a faulty wrist pin was the cause of the engine failure in my 2007 CC Allure with 68k miles. I bought my RV in late 2017 with only 52k miles & believe that it spent a lot of time parked. Like the previous 20 years spent enjoying my 1997 Monaco Windsor, I have made & continue making many 2 week trips driving 5k miles in addition to annual 3 to 4 week trips in the 10k mile range. I spent a week at Cedar Breaks National Monument last summer; anyone else 'enjoy' that climb out of Cedar City at 8 to 10 percent grade to a final altitude of 10,500 feet? Perhaps I have pushed it harder than the previous owner(s) which may have increased the likelihood of a wrist pin failure? I guess I'll never know. Anyway, Cummins did offer to waive the core fee (better than $6k) in an effort to "help me out". The shop foreman doesn't believe that my block is rebuildable due to the 'extensive' damage seen from all the material in the oil pan. I'll post the final outcome later. Smitty777, like your friends, I really don't want to sell my tag-axle 37' CC Allure and would like to continue RVing for many more years. When new, it was ordered with almost every conceivable option. The previous owner, getting ready to RV fulltime, replaced and/or upgraded almost everything including the aquahot system, w/d combo, both TVs & most electronics, installing LED lamps everywhere, etc. I had been looking for the "perfect" RV for a number of years before I found this one for sale! And, it was my extremely good fortune that they decided, at the very last minute, that a 37' RV was just too small for their fulltiming plans! Felix Struys FMCA336008 Vancouver, WA 2007 CC Allure 37; Sunset Bay Tag
  3. Sadly, the recon engine Cummins suggests as a replacement, the DR610, is a better replacement for a 'standard' semi as pretty much everything beyond the long block, intake & exhaust manifolds, turbo, air compressor, etc., are not going to fit my RV. They'll have to swap all of those components from my original engine to the new engine. The ''ideal' replacement engine, the DR6925 at $23,500, comes with everything identical to my failed engine except the air compressor. Sadly, again, this engine is built to order and has a 12 to 14 week lead time. At $23,900 for the new engine plus another $6k for the core, I guess I would have $30K to find a good recon engine elsewhere? The main reason I would lean towards repairs by Cummins would be the warranty. If they are not willing to 'help me out' with a replacement engine now, I probably shouldn't put too much value on the 3-year unlimited warranty they are offering me now. I've seen recon engines from other suppliers in the $10k to $15k range. Maybe a better choice? My only real concern in going that route is that there are so many variation of the ISL from that time period, I may be out much more labor to get everything right. Felix Struys FMCA336008 Vancouver, WA 2007 CC Allure 37' Sunset Bay
  4. Agreed, having it towed 3 miles to the Las Vegas Cummins shop is what I am planning either way, with or without compensation from Cummins. Odd that my 1997 Monaco Windsor with a Cummins ISC came with a five-year, unlimited mileage engine warranty and this engine included a five-year, 100K mileage warranty. I was told to plan on paying an additional6K core charge for the new engine as my original engine is likely damaged beyond any core credit. Long blocks for theis ISL is no longer made by Cummins. A new replacement engine is quoted at $23,900. Labor another $11K. I paid less for my first home! 😭 Felix Struys FMCA 336008 Vancouver, WA 2007 CC Allure 37' Sunset Bay
  5. Well, it looks like I have just joined a very exclusive group of RVers. 😪 The 400hp Cummins ISL (CM850) in my 2007 Country Coach Allure just died north of Las Vegas. At 13 years old with almost 69,000 miles, I wonder if the wrist pin defect recall will be diagnosed as the root cause of this "catatrophic" engine failure as described by the local Freightliner shop. My engine's serial number falls right in the middle of the range of the approximately 2,000 engines identified in that recall. I have read of several similar failures, but none as old as my RV or with as many miles. I'm looking at $45k for repairs as quoted by Freightliner in Las Vegas. I am very, very hopeful that Cummins will show some mercy and offer some compensation. Like every other similar posting, there were no previous indications, just a sudden, very loud bang and an immediate engine shutdown followed by a huge billowing cloud of vaporized coolant out the exhaust. I am guessing a dropped cylinder sleeve or connecting rod failure puncturing the block into the coolant passage behind the wet sleeve. NEVER found low coolant, higher than expected oil levels or abnormally warm/hot running engine temperatures. I will provide update as my situation progresses.I would appreciate any other opinions or suggestions. Felix Struys FMCA 336008 Vancouver, WA 2007 CC Alllure 37' Sunset Bay
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