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  1. We are new to the RV world coming from a wilderness tent camping background that our age and disability make no longer possible. High priority for us is compactness and maneuverability but we like more room, too. We are deciding between an SS-Agile and SS-Ideal. The SS-Ideal seems to have a lot more room with a preservation of the excellent handling of the Agile. We intend to use our jeep for any wilderness or back road touring and just use the RV as a base camp. Our main concern now is whether there are any reports of trouble with the SS-Ideal slideout becoming stuck in the out position. Are there any such reports? If it does become stuck, what can be done? Can it be retracted manually? Can you drive with it out until you can get to a repair location? The Ideal is fairly new model. Our dealer says it does not sell and he sent his back but he can get us one directly from Roadtrek. Perhaps it is too new for trouble spots to show up? Our dealer was not sure why it did not sell but says this was widely experienced by his fellow dealers? Are there specifics as to why it did not sell by any members of this FORUM? We do NOT want to go to a bigger unit.
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