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  1. When registering a RV in Georgia, be prepared to pay the total ad valorem tax up front. Having done this we just went get our $20.00 tag and were hit with $50.00 Highway Impact fee which will be an annual fee! The law reads: "Highway Impact Fees - all vehicles in the following weight classes will annually be assessed: Vehicle Weights 15,000 to 26,000 pounds. 26001 pounds and over Highway Impact Registration and Renewal Fee. $50.00. $100.00 And on our tag/ registration papers the RV is classified as a Passenger Car/Light Truck, the same as our Small pickup! Can someone help us make sense of this?
  2. Need to replace or repair the leaking front oil bath bearings on 1999 Safari Zanzibar built on Magnum chassis. Any help or suggestions on where to go or what parts are required?
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