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  1. Hello! We have stayed several times at Fairview-Riverside State Park, near Madisonville, LA. It's only 10 min South of I-12, North of the Pontchartrain Lake. You can cross the lake thru the Causeway in 45 minutes. Safe Travels Jocelynn and Quico Power
  2. We have done several "three month cross country trips". Like others, I sugggest start thru South...Kansas and Texas are dry, long, boring if you just cross them. Be sure to google each town you will cross and find out what is good to see, so that you don't miss anything. And yes, take your time! I would only make reservations ahead at very tourist areas, otherwise just reserve one or three days before, when you have seen all you want at towns you are crossing and know you can move on!. Also, do remember that there are several places where you can boondock (free) overnight stops, such as Walmart, Cracker Barrel etc... "Life is short, enjoy it to the max!!" Jocelynn and Quico Power
  3. Hello! We have been to NC this past year several times. Traffic is the same as in any other major highway. Just plan not to cross Atlanta or any other major city, during high traffic hours, such as before 10 am and after 4 pm. Safe travels! Jocelynn and Quico Power Gainesville, FL
  4. Thank you Richard. Wet Bay? I guess that's the large storage area most class A have under? Our coach is a 28' class C. It does have a couple of very small storage areas. I wish we could go in October, but unfortunately we cannot. However, We could go right after the elections! I will check that site you mentioned. Again, thanks and safe travel! Jocelynn
  5. Hello! We have travelled almost all over the continent in our RV (except DE, NJ, CT, RI) but never in winter. I'd love to see the leaves changing colors this fall and thought of visiting the Blue Ridge the week before Thanksgiving. Maybe around Spruce Pine, NC. My husband is concerned that if it gets too cold or snows, some pipes may freeze and damage. Floridians as we are, we have no experience in that area. Any preventive maintenance or suggestions or advice you can give us, will be greatly appreciated! Jocelynn Wirshing-Power; Gainesville, Fl 2004 Coachman/Concord w tow.
  6. Mr Mailman: My husband and I have traveled I-40 several times each way, from Memphis to Albuquerque. During the summer, heat is worst than constructions, just take it easy and go with the flow. There are miles and miles of boring cornfields while crossing Kansas on I-40 or I-70; just be patient and enjoy the trip. The beauty of traveling an RV is that you don't have to plan much, you stop when you are tired and enjoy the scenery. We start after Labor Day, going North on I-75, planning on taking East to West on the Canada side. Our second option is I-94 from MN to Billings, MN and I-25 to CO. Bill said it has 20+ miles of construction, but surely it wont matter since it will be much cooler that mid/central USA, so okay!. Safe travels! Jocelynn Jocelynn Wirshing-Power Oscar E. Power Gainesville Fl Travelling on a 28' Concord/Coachmen w/tow
  7. Thanks to all of you for your comments.... 1) no guns with us! No problem there.... But I've heard you cannot take liquors across the border? I doubt my preferred rum.... Don Q Cristal, from Puerto Rico... is not sold yet in Canada.... and a couple of months up there and west w/o my preferred.... is S-A-D!!! 2) We've been to UP AND LOVED IT, actually our second option is just staying there to catch some cooler weather! The day we had planned on a day trip to SSMarie, we had left the passports in the RV/campground right by the Mackinac bridge!! :-( 3) Would you know if there are many tolls on the "...follow the Maple leaf of 2 The Trans Canada Highway." Again, Thank you! I'm looking forward to the trip starting late August! Jocelynn
  8. Hello! We're considering crossing Southern Canada this August-September and would like some suggestions. Since 2011 we have traveled all over continental USA (except DE, MD, NJ AND RI) in our 28' - 2004 Concord/Coachman w/tow, but never ventured on it to Canada. We're considering going North from FL this mid August up to Ft. Frances, MN (or maybe Sault St Marie, UP) and from there West to Calgary and South to Glacier/Montana, etc... Suggestions on best routes, parks and affordable campgrounds will be appreciated. Do they have Walmart's or others for ov/n free parking? BTW our preferences are low key and nature areas. Do understand we will be going thru big cities, but not interested in museums and such (husband doesn't walk distances any more ). We have no time frame, no rush... just to enjoy the trip, good food and meet new friends! Thank you! Jocelynn Wirshing-Power (Mrs. Oscar (Quico) Power Gainesville, FL
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  10. Thank you Obedb, another great advice from you! Jocelynn W Power
  11. Thank you Obedb, I will look into your options. Yes, my husband has driven thru many mountains and we've been all over the states... but we need our 2004 Concord Coachmen to last many more years and not take it thru rough areas, if possible!! Safe travels! Jocelynn W Power
  12. Thank you to Mesaloose! That is just the answer I was looking for! I will look up that shopping center. As for Walmarts, I had already researched that option and there are non nearby. The days before we're staying at a c/g one hour south and after the airport we're going N to Napa and didn't want to go S one hour, again. So, thanks and happy travels! Jocelynn W Power
  13. On our trip West this summer, we will be going from Palisades, CO to Rio Rancho, NM. Google map gives us three routes. 1) The shortest is straight South thru Silverton and Durango, does anyone know if it is okay to go thru those mountains in a 28' class C with tow? 2) The second option is 40 min longer, to go a little West towards Moab, UT and Cortes, CO. One time we went thru Colorado mountains we were "caught" in a Pass. It was dirt only and everything rattled in the RV! Not again!! Thank you, Jocelynn and Oscar Power Gainesville, FL
  14. We will be driving thru San Francisco, but will have to stop at the airport to pick up our son. We have a 28' class C with tow. Would anyone know if we can go with the motorhome into arrival areas of the airport, or are there low clearance sites? If we should leave the motorhome outside and go in the tow car, would anyone know if there is a Walmart, Cracker Barrel or shopping center nearby, where we can park the RV while we go p/u our son? Thank you, Jocelynn and Oscar Power Gainesville, FL
  15. Need recommendation for a campground in the Tacoma-Seattle area. NOT KOA, please, that is too expensive. We have a 28' RV with tow and will need to set a 2 person tent for my son and wife, beside our RV. I have researched Passport A and Good Sam...not too many nice options. We plan to stay for a week tourist-ing the area mid August. Hopefully something less than one hour from downtown. Thanks!! Jocelynn and Oscar Power Gainesville, FL
  16. Thank you kaypsmith, we do have the senior pass and most of the time use NPks, too.
  17. Thank you to all of you! Very good advice. Don't know how to reply individually.... :-( I will save these with my notes! Wish I could start in WA and go south, but unfortunately my son's vacations are mainly in July (and he wants CA), where in Puerto Rico they have holidays on the 4, 17, 25 and 27th, plus the regular 2 wk vacation time at his place of work... nice! Jocelynn and Quico
  18. Hello! We are in the preliminary stage of planning our late summer (July, August, Sept) trip to the West. From FL going to California, Oregon, WA, Idaho, etc. We have a 28' RV with tow. My son, his wife and daughter will drive with us, but sleep in tents. Mainly interested in: (1) your opinion on how many days are recommended to see Joshua, Sequoia, Kings, Yosemite...(any others worthwile?) It will be a "driving around/sightseeing" trip, since my husband does not do hiking. Have CA fires affected them? (2) What (not too expensive) campgrounds are recommended. I noticed most National do not have showers. We are members or several c/g groups such as Passport A. (3) Besides the parks, we plan to go to Napa wineries, PCH and San Francisco.... (4) On Oregon and Washington, same questions of where to go, days needed and routes. We are retired, have no time limits (Thank you Lord!! ) but do have limits on budget.... Thank you for your help! Jocelynn and Oscar (Quico) Power Gainesville, FL 28' Coachmen/Concord with tow no pets
  19. Looking for Moose, we reserved for 3 nights, paid 2 and stayed 1 at the Sunset Point RV Park up in the Moosehead Lake area of North Maine. Our campsite was very spacious with a white sand beach 10 steps from the motorhome. The view was fantastic, the water cool but not cold. Bathrooms nice and clean. If you look for a place to be peaceful to relax is perfect. Owners very nice and acomodating. However....... there is no wifi, cable, local tv or phone signals (although I received an email from them). There are hundreds of mosquitoes or "noseum" bugs, that not even a fogger would disperse them. There is no laundry. We paid for W and E hookup, however, the electricity is available only at certain times during the day or night...they said they had to recharge batteries for their freezers. Obviously the camp is in the middle of nowhere. What also really disturbed my husband, was that to go there, you had to drive 34 miles on a gravel road with logger trucks rushing by. You cannot imagine the dust we had everywhere and the "rattling" of everything inside the motorhome. Driving slow or fast, it was the same. Definitely the next time I book a reservation, I will be looking into the details or small print describing the place and ask more questions! No more surprises! Live and learn..... Jocelynn W Power 28' Concord Coachmen w tow Florida
  20. Hello! I know you sent me a message, but somehow I deleted. Yes, we have reservations for the weekend of September 16th and the site is 20 W V. Our friends from FL stayed there last month and highly recommended the campground! Jocelynn W. Power 28' Concord Coachmen w tow Gainesville, FL
  21. When we planned our 3-month New England trip, we stocked our RV with some wine and liquor. Once here, we would like to visit NB. We have no plans on buying more, however, what would customs do on our way back to US with what we have on board? Obviously we no longer have receipts. Does anyone know?
  22. So here we are...we made it this year! And we are staying at Bass Harbor c/G, a few steps from the lighthouse, for one week. One issue we had was that although the cable hookup was offered when we reserved and available, when we went to complain, the lady at the office said "oh, down there (site 333) it has never worked...: hmmm why then.......??? Then another lady offered to give us a discount or change sites but three days later, as the c/ground is full. Since anyway the first 3 days we would be out all day, we chose the latter and were transferred to #327 with full cable and Wifi. We do have a tow car, but those that don't have one: LLBean sponsors free shuttle buses that go around the island continously. Thank you Linrosin for suggesting Bass Harbor.... and Willdebill308: we did bring the passports and will spend labor day wkd at Campobello park!! Jocelynn and Oscar (Quico) Power Gainesville, FL 2004 Concord/Coachmen w/ tow
  23. Good to know, as we already have reservations there for the wkd of 9/16/16 thanks!
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