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  1. Rich Thanks so much I found it and sure enough bad fuses. In this case Mr. Tiffin moved the box to the drivers side in the electrical bay. Cheers and thanks Harlow Landphair (phishphair)
  2. The coach is a 2011 Phaeton 42QBH, Spartan Chassis.
  3. I am not getting a response on the left-right and brake contacts on my 7 pin rear plug of coach. If I check the power i.e. the ground to the battery charge pin (upper right facing the male plug) I get constant power. This suggests the ground is good. Is there a fuse somewhere that is between the main power and the plug? I have brake and turn signals on the coach. Thanx
  4. I am trying to retrace a trip my grandparents took in 1933. I have names of campgrounds but after 82 years most all of them are gone accept the ones in national parks. I am wondering if anyone knows of an archive of old campground directories that might give me a clue as to were these campgrounds were. The trip originated in Cleveland Ohio and covered the Chicago Worlds Fair, Yellowstone, Bryce, Zion, and the Grand Canyon. If you have information contact me at harlow.landphair@gmail.com Thanks Harlow Landphair
  5. We are looking at a route from Las Vegas to Three Rivers, CA We are wondering how difficult it is to drive big rig (Phaeton 43 with toad) from Betty, NV over to Olancha, CA. Thanks
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