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  1. Hello, I just joined the FMCA. My wife and I have purchased a 2012 Class A Gas Motorhome (Forest River Georgetown XL 337DS) with a Triton V10 engine . It is rated to pull 5,000 pounds. We are researching various toad vehicles using the Motorhome Guide to Dinghy Towing. The toad that we prefer is a Grand Jeep Cherokee. However, the Grand Cherokee is heavy. It weighs 4,850 pounds, which is at the upper limit of the Motorhome's towing capacity. Has anyone had experience towing the Grand Cherokee with a Class A gas motorhome with a Triton V10 engine? How does the Motorhome perform when climbing? The lighter Jeeps (e.g., Liberty and Wrangler) are not an option for us because they have gotten poor reviews by Consumer Reports, and my wife is not excited about driving them around town when we are not traveling with the Motorhome. Everyone's advice (and experience) would be very much appreciated.
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