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  1. Yes, Oak Plantation in Charleston is a large beautiful campground. Sites are very big and the dog run is a huge fenced in area. My dog had a ball chasing all the dragonflies (July). I enjoyed just walking around the campground. The staff was wonderful. In Savannah, I stayed at Red Gate. Beautiful grounds to walk around on. Sites are large. My cavalier loved visiting the horses in the fenced pasture in the middle of the campground. Enjoy your trip.
  2. If you are in Savannah, be sure to go to Bonaventure Cemetery. Yes, it is a real cemetery and a tourist attraction. It is absolutely beautiful and very interesting. Do not miss touring Mercer House. Since you are so close pop up to Charleston, S.C. History and architecture are worth it. On the weekend, you can visit the Hunley, the Civil War submarine. You are in the room with it right in front of you (not behind a piece of glass). Tours are given by retired Navy with a wealth of knowledge. This is one of the most fascinating pieces of history I have ever seen. Fort Sumter, a few planations, and an aircraft carrier are some worthwhile things to see.
  3. I am planning on going to Glacier National Park in August. Which is better? East Glacier, West Glacier, or St. Mary. Which town is better to stay in? Better side of the park? Best campground? Town with the easiest road in (I will be coming in from I90)?
  4. Take it slow if entering the park from the south. A little intimidating at times, just take it slow and you are fine. Grizzly is a wonderful campground in West Yellowstone. Be sure to stop at the little shed on the corner in the center of town(West Yellowstone) for huckleberry ice cream. Drive Lamar Valley 1 1/2 hours before sunset. The bison are everywhere. Norris geyser is a must. Be sure to walk down the stairs at the Grand Canyon Waterfalls. Take the time to walk the trail. A few blocks back if you step off the trail you can look off the cliffs and see down the canyon for miles. It is truly spectacular. Just watch your step. Heading toward the north entrance is a popular spot to swim in the river. I spent 11 days there and it was not enough.
  5. You better hurry with those reservations March is Spring Break. If not Wilderness, Tropical Palms is very nice.
  6. I plan my trips "old school", I use a road atlas to plan my route. I pick a few towns or locations to stop at based on the mileage I wish to travel for that day. I pick 2 or 3 for options based on how tired I am. Each is about 40 or 50 miles apart. Road atlas will show national parks. Request by email, state maps and they will show state parks. This will help you track quickly and then you only have to contact those. If you are more daring, pick up a state map in the visitor center when you cross the state line. I always grab state maps and keep for reference. I use the internet for campgrounds and Trailer Life. Trailer Life makes it easy to flip open to a town along the way and look up campgrounds. No worries of internet service. I also use it when planning at home. If you are traveling to Yellowstone from June to September, I would not attempt to go without a reservation. All campgrounds stay full and many of the park's campgrounds cannot accommodate a large coach. Fishing Bridge is the campground in the park for large coaches. Grizzly is a great campground in West Yellowstone.
  7. It is not a weird post. We all can relate. I was nodding my head as I read. We all have had one of those trips.
  8. Custer State Park, SD, Estes Park (Rocky Mountain National Park), Yellowstone, Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains, bayous of Slidell, La., mangroves of Florida, small islands directly off Acadia National Park (boat tour-seals, eagles, various birds)
  9. I have lived in the Chicago land area my entire life and the 100 degree level does not happen often and it is always cooler near the lake. If you are doing Lake Michigan be sure to include Indiana Dunes National Lake Shore. In Michigan, be sure to see Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park, Traverse City (quaint), and Mackinaw Island (these are in northern Michigan). You may want to cross the bridge, if you are brave, and head into the UP. If you do, I hear Iron Mountain is nice.
  10. Thank you both for your knowledge. I have a 2010 Damon but really like to the floor plan of the Georgetown. I did not know about the product and am grateful for the information. Trying to decide on the 378 or the Winnebago Sightseer 35g. I have not experienced the degree of wandering you speak of with my Damon. Gas mileage is the same. I know these units are entry level but for my purposes of just summer trips, I am not willing to spend the extra money.
  11. If you call HWH Corp they will give you the name of the nearest authorized dealer/installer. They should be able to help with problems and parts. I had mine installed in Elkhart, Ind. and when I had a piston issue they where great.
  12. Oh, Rushmore Shadows for was a good campground for the Rushmore area. I just drove back to the Badlands. I did a lot of KOA along the way. Always a safe bet.
  13. This should be a great trip. South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana are breathtaking. When passing through Indiana on 80/90 stop at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore The dunes are wonderful on Lake Michigan. Be sure to gas up when you leave if you are taking I90/94 through Chicago or 290. South Dakota has some funky stops like the corn palace and Wall Drug. I did not care for Wall Drug just a bunch of shops selling junk but they do have a campground if you need an overnight stop. Be sure to cruise the Badlands (by car not motorhome). It is unbelievable. Watch for rattlesnakes. Custer State Park is a great park with a lot of buffalo and sparkling mountains. I loved Custer. Rushmore and Crazy horse can be done in a day. The Big Horns and the Crazies are amazing mountains to view as you travel along I90. Big Timber, Mt. is a good overnight stop between Rushmore and Yellowstone. Great campground on the river. I spent 11 days at Yellowstone National Park and it was not enough. I will go back. Don't rush it like so many do. Take in the amazing nature of Yellowstone. Be sure to cruise Lamar Valley an hour or so before dusk. The bison are everywhere. Be careful they are in the road and will come up to your car. Stayed in West Yellowstone. Grizzly Rv Park is 4 blocks from the entrance. Very nice campground. Make reservations NOW for summer. Everything fills quickly for June-Aug in all campgrounds. Town is nice with a wonderful little ice cream shack that sells the most delicious huckleberry ice cream. I took side trips to the majestic Tetons and Jackson Hole. The Tetons are a must. Also, went to Mesa Falls in Idaho. The falls were beautiful and worth the 75 miles. Go to Glacier. I did not but some friends did and now I regret not venturing up there. Hope this is helpful.
  14. I am considering purchasing the Georgetown 378 and would like to know if anyone has a Georgetown? I would like your opinion on the unit and any experiences with Forest River.
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