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  1. Hi, I did find the Engine,Transmission and Chassis PDF for the P30 chassis. I download that. What Fleetwood gave was a pdf. I can send you a copy. It's about 27 pages. It rained today, so I was not able to go see the RV today. It's sitting in the middle of a dirt field, so it would have been a mess to get to it. Went to DMV instead and got registration done. Hopefully, I can get it to the house tomorrow and looking for fuse links. I'll update to what I find. Thanks, Bart
  2. Hi, Thanks for the info. I'll check it out today. I did get a copy of the wiring from Fleetwood this morning, It is only 27 pages and the details regarding the head lights circuits seems to be missing - it appears to be more a block diagram, not very detailed. Is your manual more complete? I don't know if this would be a big problem for you, but if you would stop by an Office Depot, They can scan it for you. I'd gladly send money for your time and troubles (Paypal or check?). Bart
  3. I just pickup this 1986 Bounder. It's the 34' model. The problem is has is the head lights, radio and tv don't work. This happen according to the owner when the alternator was replaced. The fuses have been check. I was hoping maybe someone has the wiring diagrams for this the might be willing to share. I'd be willing to pay you for a copy Thanks, Bart
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