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  1. I have a 2014 Jeep Cherokee, big knobby, wide Firestone tire. I've been across the country to Palm Springs, Ca., to Florida and back. As of yet, haven't had it to wobble, Hope I never do. A quick fix would be two bungies on both sides of the steering wheel down to the seat frame, or, a "fix" that would waste gas, start engine and run in idle. Maybe the wide tires give it more stability?
  2. Thanks for the advice. I have Dish for Rvers and it is set up that when I want the service, I call them and they take my pin and credit card number start the service. Then when I get home I don't pay the bill and they stop service. So while motor home is sitting or in storage, no Dish bill. I think its a good deal.
  3. So, If I take it with me and I want wingard traveler on my next motor home, then all I would have to do is buy the dish antenna and mate the receiver with it?
  4. I have a wingard traveler with Dish, If I were to sell my motor home or trade for another, do I leave the receiver with the motor home or take it with me?
  5. I've had the same problem at most Flying J/Pilot pumps. The pumps are putting out fuel faster than our filler tube can take, If you look at the big tanks and filler hole on the tank of the big rigs, it is quite larger and can take the volume. I've encountered a few pumps that the volume was turned down and it never clicked off, last year I was able to fill my tank up to the top and the gauge read full, most of the time it reads a little over 3/4. Most of the time I click the handle to the first notch, if that doesn't work I stand there and fill it as slow as I can. On the subject of Flying J/Pilot, I go there because easy in and easy out and I have a card I get 5 cent a gallon off and don't have to go inside like the truckers do. To each his own.
  6. I am puzzled, 2016 towing guide states that, as far as I can read says all Fords and Lincolns with auto trans. can be towed 4 wheels down, am I missing something?
  7. Glad to see FCA is owning up to the problem, but I am not paying $218. for them to fix the problem. Mine has never wobbled except turning around on a secondary road and the Jeep dropped off the blacktop and when coming back on it started. It has been a good flat towing vehicle.
  8. I was at my dealer yesterday for 6 recall fixes. The service rep. knew nothing about the "wobble" and knew nothing about a fix.
  9. This is developing into a mess like GM had over the Chevy Cruze when it came out. I bought one and three months later they gave me my money back. I don't think I could get my money back on my 2014 Cherokee! But I have not had any problems with it except when turning around my jeep dropped off the shoulder on a side road and when getting on again it started to wobble. I stopped the M.H. then started again and no problem. I've put about 7,000 miles on it and no problem. If it does happen I would bungee cord the steering wheel or start and idle engine. Then when getting home believe I would head down to my Ford dealer and get one of their products as all can be towed four wheels down, hope it doesn't come to that, last Ford I had was a 1948!!
  10. Well, just got back from a 5000 mile round trip, on all sorts of rough and smooth roads. I have a 2014 Jeep cherokee trailhawk. I did not encounter any "death wobbles" going down the road. I did miss a turn off to a RV campground and had to go down where I could turn around with my 40ft MH and Jeep. In doing so the jeep dropped off the road shoulder and when I pulled around to go back to the campground entrance the Jeep was starting to wobble. I slowed down and it stopped and I went on. I've had no other problems, it follows me perfectly. I also keep a cheat sheet in glove box to aid me putting the trans. in and out of towing mode. My hitch on the motor home is aligned very well with the tow bar on the jeep which is a road master stow master 7000, very heavy, in fact, it is getting heavier or I am getting weaker!
  11. I've been following this thread on all the RV forums and it seems that folks with Jeep Latitude's and Liberty's are having the wobbling problems. Any Trailhawk folks having the same problem? I hope I don't have to go through the flat wheel towing fiasco again. I had to fight with GM in 2011 with the Chevy Cruze situation when they advertised they were towable 4 wheels down and then came out 2 months later and said if towed 4 wheels down it would void the warranty, took 6 weeks to get my money back.
  12. I have a 2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk, bought it for flat towing. I have a Roadmaster Stowmaster towbar, it weighs a ton, made of steel, hitch at proper height. I've had no problems. I had a 2000 Jeep Wrangler before the Cherokee and a 2011 Buick Regal, both towed great. Had a Saturn before all of them, only had one incident, made a right turn off interstate ramp, Saturn dropped off the pavement. When it came back on the wheels were cocked to the left and wouldn't come back until I got out and straighten them. Hope I don't develop problems with the Cherokee, I'll trade it in fast if I do.
  13. I don't think there are many people at Dish that understands RVer's pay as you go program. This year I stopped paying April 15th, all the way into May I got a bill for $158. The first time I contacted support I had to explain to them how the program works. He or she had to talk to their supervisor at which time they understood and said they would wipe out the $158. Fine, got a bill again, $158. To which I E mailed back, "I don't owe you a dime" To which I got a reply by someone who must knows something and they agreed and wiped it out. Now I am going to wait and see if I get a bill in June. Mass confusion at that company.
  14. I am certainly glad I found out about this class B license for a rv over 26000 lbs. This Summer I made a appointment up at my local Penn Dot drivers license place. Went up filled out the info they needed, paid my additional $5. They said they would be with me shortly. Two hours later, the fellow who takes you on a drivers test got me and out to the motor home we went. I asked why it took so long and was told they called Harrisburg to find out how to test for a class B non comm. and was waiting on a reply!! He asked me what do I do to the motor home before leaving, told him, check lights, oil, tire pressure, etc. He checked the lights, horn, and wipers, we have a state inspection system and all that was checked with the sticker on the window!! We got in and went for a test drive and came back and I got 100% but this office and I think Penn dot doesn't as yet know what they are doing!! Oh well, I am legal and that's all I care about.
  15. Last year I finally broke down and bought a Winegard Traveler Dish TV satellite system. Installed it myself, hardest job was carrying it up the ladder. Got it all set up and getting to where I was going I called to have it turned on, picked a package and it worked, midway during the season, I upgraded the package. Upon leaving for home, I quit paying and service was stop. This year went on internet and picked a upgrade package, picked auto pay and I get free HD. I am hoping when I get to where I am going I can just flip the switch, have the antenna find the sat. and have no problems. The only gripe I have is not being able to get my local channels back home but I think that has something to do with regulations. Otherwise, so far, no other complaints.
  16. After reading all the replies to this topic I went to my local Penndot license center and the fellow was very knowledgable. I bumped my license up to class B, cost me $5.00, I have to take a drivers test with the motor home, "to see if you can handle it". Handle it, been driving it 10 years. Then he asked "does it have air brakes?" I said yes, he said be knowledgable about them. The $5.00 got me a permit to drive the motor home for a year, I have to schedule a test drive before it expires. So, that is what I found out. My wife looked at the permit and started laughing, she point out that is has on it Pennsylvania Learner's permit. Oh well, not the first time I have been laughed at!
  17. Sorry to be negative, but, nothing to do with RVing is reasonable. Owning one, maintaining one, fuel prices and RV resorts. But it is something we all like to do and couldn't do when young because of work, house payments etc. If you want to go to Ft Myers, pay whatever, after all, it is only for 3 or 4 months, or what ever time your going to spend there.
  18. Last year I found my dash A/C wasn't working. It had 134a in it. I went to the engine compartment seen that the wire going to the compressor was unplugged and taped. So, while engine was running, I re-attached the wire, quickly yanking the wire loose because the compressor was frozen up and terrible grinding noise coming from it. So I knew the compressor needed replaced and did so finding the exact one on Ebay brand new at a good price. Went over to my buddies auto body shop to take the 134a out only to find that it had drained out. Put compressor on, vacuumed the system, put 134a in. No cold air. So I crawled under the front of the coach after pulling the generator forward and found the system was a Evans Tempcon. Found the right block evaporator valve and dryer/receiver, ordered them, got them and today went back over to body shop. drained system, put new parts on, vacuumed system and filled it up and low and behold! Cold air coming from the dash at the right temp! The evaporator valve was plugged with rust, the dry/receiver was plugged with rust, I knew that because I did a postmortem on them, hack sawing the dry apart and taking the evap valve apart, no wonder it didn't work. So doing the work myself I spent approx. $320. No telling how long that a/c wasn't working before I purchased the coach, I guess the previous owner didn't want to spend money to get it fix.
  19. I wonder if he paid the fine or ignored it?
  20. Sooo many sea stories! I suppose a book could be written, which could be very interesting! I have a few myself, but let me tell you all one a BMC in charge of the lifeboat station told me when he was in the Navy in WW2. It was toward the end of the war and his ship was in port tied up to the dock. He being a seaman, or as we used to say, "a deck ape" was over the side in a bosn chair painting the side of the ship. He heard a voice down on the dock, in a loud tone say: "that looks like ****!". Not turning around to see who said that, the seaman said: "well, you can kiss my ---." then turned to see. Standing there was Admiral Bull Halsey! The seaman turn back to his work, and the Admiral walked on and that was the end of it!!! Looking back, from when I was in the service, and talking to men I worked with through out my working life. I wish I would have written down all the stories I have heard about the war, stories that were not in history books, but real stories, from real men that are gone forever because our WW2 veterans are living us at the rate of 1000 a day now. God bless them, heroes everyone.
  21. Isn't that something! We bailed GM out, they make great cars now, with exception of this 4 wheel towing issue, and they hire people down in Argentina to answer the phones and deal with people up in America! To be fair, the first tier, when you call GM, is American operators, then they turn you over to the second tier, which is in South America, they give them English names like: Marvin, Monica, etc, but I knew I was dealing with people who were not American, couldn't put my finger on the accent, thought they might be Indian, until I asked a GM rep at my dealer. I have nothing against people from Argentina, in fact, I rather like Argentina, but why don't they hire America answering services? I hope the dingy towing thing get fixed for all who are involved, it has been trying and a mess.
  22. Saturn was a good cheap car, keep it as long as you can. I have a nice Regal to tow to Florida or a nice Wrangler to tow to Arizona!
  23. I got my 2011 Buick Regal, it is a 2.4L with the 6t45 transmission which is towable 4 wheels down, Buick Regal 2.0L is NOT towable. It has the same trans as the Chevy Cruze, a 6t40 transmission that is not towable 4 wheels down. Now, the 2012 Buick Regal, don't know about LaCrosse, is NOT towable -- apparently they changed the transmissions. My 2011 Regal was built in Germany at the Opel factory in Russelshame, the 2012 Regals are being built in Canada. All this is confusing ... I think I'm going back to bed!
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