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  1. Tim, Welcome to the FMCA forum. I'm fairly new here as well, but appreciate all the wisdom from the forum. We are recent owners of a 2014 Newmar Ventana and are experiencing the same issues with our door. Ours wouldn't shut properly, and you couldn't use the dead bolt. After going into the frame (not the door) and moving the pin (what you call the metal stop I think) further out, the door now closes, although you have to give it a good slam. They also had to "re-camber" the door using a tool supplied to them from the door mfg. as it had a much larger gap toward the top of the door when it was closed. So, in essence, our door had major issues that we're still not sure is totally fixed. We just got it back from the shop and still notice some wind noise and we also have the rattle coming from inside the door, seemingly coming from the handle mechanism. We haven't dealt with the rattle/noise issue yet. Keep us informed what you learn as you deal with this.
  2. Walt2137 - There is no reason a single axle couldn't handle the 2450 lbs if it has a high enough rating to start with (major point in this whole discussion). Any rear axle rated at 21,000 lbs or higher should be able to accommodate the lift and a 900 lb bike (many of us have less weight we're carrying due to the type of bike). You have to watch how you load the coach with other stuff, but as you indicate, there are a lot of single axle coaches out there doing it, and doing it correctly, totally within the max weight rating of the axle.
  3. No updates as of today. We're having major issues with our Newmar product, and after 4 months of ownership, we've only been able to use it 3 times. I'm waiting to install the Cruiserlift until all the "issues" get squared away and I know for sure I will end up with this coach for the long haul. Regarding the Ventana Model 3436. I believe it has the same rear axle, with a rating of 23,000 lbs. If so, you should be fine. But as everyone has said, after installation and loading whatever bike you plan to carry, get the coach weighed and determine your actual weights on the rear so you can load the coach accordingly and pressurize your tires accordingly.
  4. My .02 to this thread. Regardless of what the brochure says, or the claims of Quality by the Mfg, or even what a tour of the factory may provide..........understand you are going to have "issues" with whatever brand you get if you purchase new. Hopefully they will be minor. We've had 2 brand new coaches, and after the first one I said I wouldn't buy new again. Well, I didn't listen to my own advice and am still staring at an empty driveway. Only been able to use the coach 3 times in 4 months of ownership. I say all this to reiterate, "you will have issues regardless of what you buy". Quality can vary drastically from one unit to the next and no manufacturer seems to be over and above any other. If you purchase new, buy what fits your needs, and hope for the best! or purchase used, there are plenty of them out there, and get one that hasn't been a "nightmare" to the original owner. You can call the factory and provide them a serial number and they should be able to tell you the service history (warranty claims).
  5. We had a very similar problem on our 2014 Newmar Ventana. Not sure the HR uses the same manufacturer or not, but the technology could be similar, in that ours used an electronic limit device that needed to be adjusted..........this after having to replace the trans-torque converter bushing and shaft on the motor Even after the overhaul of the bushing and shaft, we had the same gear grinding noise, although for us it happened when bringing the slide back in. We were told we were holding the switch down too long but that was ridiculous as you can't anticipate when it comes to full stop, and will always have that half to full second of holding the switch after the movement stops. Plus, none of our other slides (have 4) did that. So, after some pain with the repair facility, Newmar, and then ultimately the mfg of the control unit, they figured out how to readjust the electronic control unit for that slide and now it seems to be OK. We've only had it the coach out once since it was fixed last month so hopefully we won't experience any further issues. We have plenty of other issues we're dealing with....but thats a whole other story. Hope this helps Randy
  6. Don't go Hiway 154. It is twisty 2 lane road and takes you over the mountains. If you're staying at Earl Warren, it will be best to stay on 101 anyway.
  7. I just bought a Progressive 50AMP Portable model and while I was surprised a bit on the overall size/dimensions, it appears to be a very sold and well built unit. I liked the lifetime warranty aspect. I had a SurgeGuard 30AMP with my older coach but looking at the Progressive I just bought, I would consider one of these.
  8. No comments on the Hydralift, as I've decided to go with the cable operated Cruiserlift. I decided to go this route for a couple reasons, mostly cost and simplicity. Haven't got it, or the coach, yet, but thats the setup I'll have. Just need to make sure the GAWR for the Rear Axle will handle the weight.....and make sure you use the weight calculations that take the cantilever effect into the equation. Its not a 1:1 ratio for added weight to the axle.
  9. Curious as to why? Does having the 30A protector in addition to the 50A protector installed at the coach provide anything additional? I would think B would be the simplest way to go.
  10. I'm reviving this thread in hopes there are others since June of 2011 that may have some insight into the Jack HDTV antenna. I'm actually looking at that vs. the Winegard RS 3000. I like the idea of not having to crank the antenna up. The RS 3000 is supposed to be Omni Directional so you don't even have to rotate it to find signals......but the tech at Camping World said he didn't have any experience with the RS 3000 but felt any antenna that was spreading its search 360 degrees as opposed to a dedicated 90 degree just couldn't expect to bring in a solid signal. So, anyone have any thoughts or experience with these. This was the only thread that popped up in my search for the Jack antenna, and came up with zero hits while searching for RS 3000. Thanks Randy
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