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  1. I took a Ladies Driving Class where NO MEN WERE ALLOWED!! It was WONDERFUL! Really helped me learn the corners of the coach and feel more comfortable. I had been driving before, but we bumped up from a 36' to a 40' and I wanted some expert advice. It will never be my favorite thing to do, but I have no issue at all driving from Rest Stop to Rest Stop on an Interstate, for instance. BOTH partners should learn to drive and feel fairly comfortable. Even is you are not behind the wheel, you are more in tune with what alerts the driver might need. Part of the course was teaching the Universal Hand Signals for backing into a space. I have passed them on to many other ladies and probably saved a few marriages. My real feeling is that there needs to be, in addition to a Ladies Driving School, a Men's Passenger School …. as most men (not all, but most) tend to be VERY nervous when they have to occupy the passenger seat. Get over it, gentlemen!!
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