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  1. Hello just going the same for my 2 shades got 2 switches the proper ones from Carefree of Colorado. The switch is momentary on,double pole,double throw,center OFF.
  2. Hello I would like to see a place that we could wash our Motor Coaches or Trailers
  3. Hello after working on these engines for over 35 years I may be able to help you. I would need to know hrs or miles on the engine. The engine doesn't have glowplugs its a 2cycle needs good compression to start, those engine were famous for broken compression rings even when the engine is totally worn out if you can start it it would still run.My guess it would need a compression test of every cylinder to find out what the compression is. Installing new injectors into a old engine is not a good idea also you could remove the airbox covers and look inside at the pistons and rings. Also after few days of setting it may loose its prime but using staring fluid will addit your engine to it not a good idea as lot of starting fluid will raise compression to over 800 PSI normal is 520 PSI on a N engine . If you loose your prime after sitting for a few days I would look on the primary side of the fuel system loose fittings loose filter can, that all starts from tank to primary fuel filter from there to fuel pump only, after it leave the fuel pump the fuel is under pressure and will leak fuel not suck air like primary side will. Also your engine doesn't have glow plugs or intake heaters or a ECM its a mechanical engine .Hope this helps I supplied my email if you need more help. mar02@hotmail.ca. name is Michael.
  4. Hello thats why I bought a GM for their 4 wheel down towing. Towed a 2005 GMC 2500HD & just traded it in on a 2008 Avalanche LTZ Tow about 8 thousand mile a year 98 thousand KMS Not trading just bought it used Stop about every 2 hrs Stop about every 2 hrs Travel between 60 65 MPH Full Frontal Bra Attached to the Truck (remove every now and then for cleaning)
  5. Hello we have been Rving for over 40 years as well. Started with a tent, tent trailer, used 24' 5th wheel, then a new 30' 5th wheel, and another new 35' 5th wheel. We just traded it in on a 2005 Beaver Patriot Thunder. Only thing-- I wanted to do it a year ago, wife wanted to pay cash. So I cashed in my stocks (that I was saving for retirement) and did the dirty-- paid cash. We pick it up when our Canadian winter releases us from her grip, and like one of you said if there is anything left in the bank when I depart I did something wrong.
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